The Art of Tea

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As evident by Oprah’s recent collaboration with Starbucks, Westerners have recently sparked a renaissance with the cash crop known as tea, by capitalizing on America’s increased demand for efficiently served elixir varieties.  The centuries old practice of partaking of tea has a relaxed feature and importance in social and business meetings, making the art of tea a treasured ritual in countries such as India, China and England.

To really enjoy your chai or oolong as we approach the Easter tea season–all pageantry components included–visit some of the most beautiful hotels around the globe for authentic tea ceremonies.

The One and Only Resort in South Africa has received great accolades for its tea offering.


Many desserts offered are French-inspired and include chocolate delice and vanilla bean cheesecake. Eclairs and macaroons are available as well. The tea sandwiches and buttermilk scones served with traditional clotted cream and strawberry preserves however, make the tea most similar to the proper English tea tradition.

The Author’s Lounge of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel of Bangkok, Thailand presents an officially traditional English tea.  In a royal setting, guests enjoy classic tea menu items as well as special hotel takes on tea favorites.


There are raspberry scones with raspberry preserves and rose petal jam, champagne short bread fingers, ginger and lime sorbet, cakes and the finest teas of the world. There is also a vegetarian tea available featuring vegetable sandwiches to enjoy with your teas and desserts.

Meanwhile Sahn Eddar located in the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai entices with a grand water display, live classical music and a host of champagnes for its high tea. These features combine with pastries inspired from countries around the globe to create a tea that is hailed as among the very best in the world.


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