6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Chile

By Parker Diakite


From its natural beauty to its culinary scene, Chile is a country that’s not often traveled to but offers so much to do.

If you’re looking for a place that’s not overcrowded with tourists, here are six reasons why you should add Chile to your bucket list.

Chilean Food 

Chile offers a wide variety of foods, including seafood, beef, fresh fruit, and vegetables. A traditional Chilean meal is pastel de choclo, a “pie” made with corn, vegetables, chicken, and beef; empanadas; and cazuela,  a homemade stew usually served with beef, chicken, corn, rice, and potatoes.

And while the origins of Dulce de leche (a process of caramelizing milk) is debatable, don’t leave without trying Chile’s version of the sweet treat used to pour on desserts and more.

Wine Country

Chile has been growing wine for a long time but the country just recently entered the international wine scene in the 1990s.

Producing favorites, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noirs, and more, you will be able to find a wine tour during your stay that rivals with America’s Silicon Valley or Porto Wine tours in Portugal.

The Vibrant Valparaíso 

Valparaíso is a port city on Chile’s coast that’s known for its steep funiculars and colorful cliff-top homes.

Located about 1.5 hours away from Chile’s capital city, Santiago, the views in Valparaíso are breathtaking and an Instagrammer’s dream.   

Speaking of Santiago 

That doesn’t mean you should skip out on a trip to Chile’s capital of Santiago.  The city showcases the best of Chilean culture.

Here is where you will find some amazing art galleries, local markets,  and various restaurants, bars and cafes. 

Easter Island

The famous statues are not easy to get to. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island marks the southeastern corner of the Polynesian triangle that belongs to Chile.

The island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world.  Yet, this doesn’t stop people from going to see the mystery of the more than 800 Moai statues carved by the Rapa Nui people up and personal.

You can visit the end of the world

Cape Horn is the southernmost part of South America and the most southerly point of any continent outside Antarctica.

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