Here’s Why Portugal Is Becoming A Hot Spot For Tourists

By Parker Diakite


Portugal is becoming an increasingly popular destination among travelers lately.

One reason for the sudden interest is because major airlines, including United, Delta and TAP Air Portugal, are offering direct flights to Lisbon for historically low prices.

Another reason? Price.

Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, was listed on GOBankingRates.com as a city where travelers can spend less than $100 per day.

In addition, Portugal was named Europe’s Leading Destination in the 2019 World Travelers Awards, announced on June 8 and Lisbon ranked No. 18 on TripAdvisor’s 25 world’s best destinations for 2019.

So, what is it about Lisbon that makes it such a popular destination?


As we mentioned above, Portugal is a great place for people looking to travel on a budget. Compared to other cities in Europe, like Paris and Rome, you will find your money goes a long way in Portugal.

Average flight prices are $566 round-trip to Lisbon from various U.S. cities and you can expect to spend approximately $43 per night on a hotel, as reported in USA Today.

When it comes to food and drinks, a neighborhood meal for two without alcohol costs about $30. A cup of coffee is about $1.25 while a cocktail is under $5, as reported in BBC’s cost guide to Lisbon.


In Lisbon, you will find that the city rests on hills that offer spectacular views.

The bright buildings, winding streets, and cobblestone streets make quite the picture for Instagram.

Up north, located on the Douro River is the beautiful city of Porto. Just a few hours from Lisbon by train, here is where you will find beautiful landmarks and stunning neighborhoods.

Things To Do

As more people travel to Portugal, city officials are making it easier to get around.

Cities including Lisbon and Sintra are offering more walking tours and Porto is offering more boat cruises for port wine tours. 

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