Accra, Ghana Restaurants: Best Local Cuisine

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Accra is not yet made it on the international culinary scene just yet but it is a city that offers some great dining options. the selection of restaurants and the various cuisines offered in Ghana is constantly improving. In Accra, you’ll find a number of great dining options including Japanese, French, Spanish, as well as African food.

Kaya Energy Bar & Design

Kaya Energy Bar specializes in raw food for those who believe no nutrients are lost in the cooking process. They focus on creating unique dishes and drinks with raw ingredients. The Kaya Energy Bar is the ideal choice for the health-conscious. They also serve grilled seafood and feature an outdoor patio where you can enjoy your meal.

Le Must

Le Must serves French favorites that are true culinary delights. The interior of this restaurant is decorated with Ghanaian colors, providing a local atmosphere. Their menu includes such delights as chicken fricassee with seafood, the grilled chateau fillet steak or the lobster. On Thursday evening you can enjoy your meal while listening to live music.


If you really want to experience an African themed restaurant, Buka is the place to go. They serve a variety of dishes from Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, and Nigeria as well as Senegal. You can relax on the outdoor dining terrace and enjoy some fresh coconut milk as you relish the scent of roasting meat or fish. Some of the delicious menu choices include fresh fish soup, jollof rice, grilled fowl, and fried plantain.

La Chaumiere

Another great place to visit if you want French cuisine with a North African influence you’ll want to try La Chaumiere. This family-friendly restaurant serves some fantastic dishes. Their menu a wide choice of dishes including classics like French onion soup and Nicoise salad, If you want something a little different you can get grouper with harissa and mint yogurt.


Toro offers an array of authentic Spanish dishes and live music on Thursday evenings. While enjoying the music you can dine on beef in blue cheese and spicy garlic prawns. You will also have a number of drinks to choose from including sangria and great mojitos

The Republic

One of the most notable places to eat in Accra is The Republic. Here, you can try some indigenous Ghanaian dishes while you listen to traditional music. As is evident by its name, this is a revolution-themed bar and it can get quite lively. While you dine on some scrumptious dishes, you can partake of some unique drinks to liven your mood.


The Firefly is a bar and restaurant located in Accra’s entertainment district, Osu. The menu is consists of Mediterranean cuisine including pasta, salads, and stuffed chicken breast, steak, and calamari. They also offer elaborate deserts and an extensive selection of drinks. Live music can be anything from Disco to Hip-Hop. This is definitely the place to go if you want great food and a party atmosphere.

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