Here’s What The First Black Woman To Run A Billion Dollar Business Travels With

By Parker Diakite


Janice Bryant Howroyd is the founder and chief executive officer of ActOne Group, an employment agency that provides consulting and business services to a variety of industries.

Operating in 19 countries across the world with more than 17,00 clients and 2,600 employees worldwide, Bryant Howroyd is the first African American woman to operate a company that generates more than $1 billion in annual revenue, according to Black Enterprise Magazine.

So, what does a billion-dollar chief executive travel with during the three weeks of each month that she’s away from home?

Bryant Howroyd first wrote about her must travel essentials back in 2017, and they’re still relevant today, according to a few posts on her Twitter feed. Check out her travel essentials below.

Black Forest Candles

“Smell is key to comfort for me. When I walk into my home, I enjoy inhaling sweet, refreshing smells that bring a sense of calm to my spirit as well as a smile to my face. Candles offer my hotel rooms the personalized touch of scents from home. As I alter scents in my home, so do I alter the candles that travel with me to places often unfamiliar. Investing as much time as I do as a guest of different hotels all over the world, it’s nice to have the scent of my home present when talking from a distance with my loved ones!”


“Whether I’m at home or in a hotel, the second thing I do upon entering the bedroom is jump into my onesie. Having nothing between me and my onesie keeps me comfy and free to move in all directions…whether cooking, tasking or even – from time to time – conference calling! There isn’t one particular brand of onesies that I suggest, as I love them all!”


“Often, I’ve declared that ‘discipline is not a dirty word’, and following the example of many smart people, ‘I don’t live to eat…I eat to live’. In addition to smart eating, I believe in supplementing my diet with daily vitamins. Health is true wealth and I am devoted to leading a healthy lifestyle. My body is my temple and I honor it from the inside out. My daily vitamin regime ensures that I am able to perform at an optimal level for my business, clients, and family. I take a personalized blend that my acupuncturist created for me, but you can have excellent vitamins added to your daily diet by asking your doctors what vitamins would be best for you.”


“I have fully embraced and enjoyed technology. If you’ve followed me on social media for any time at all, you know that My iPad is always with me! I engage apps, check my email, listen to music, and receive news updates. Based on the advantages of technology, everyone can run a business from an iPad! (or from a smartphone).

My iPad not only keeps me connected to my businesses; it also keeps me present to my family. I can FaceTime with my husband, children, and all who I dearly love. Staying proactive with emails and texts while on the move helps me keep pace with the obligations of each day.”


“Next to onesies, candles, and flowers, one of my favorite things is my Solo Beats 3. No airline-issued headphones for me. My Beats allow me to remove ancillary noises and comfort myself with privacy while being thoughtful to those around me. True up! Everyone would want to hear what I’m listening to during flights; however, my Beats give me the freedom to please only me! From a technical standpoint, the audio is always very crisp and clear, and beats are so comfortable that you can often find me with them around my neck between flights!

One more thing……Beats are awesome to listen or watch ‘me only’ stuff when in hotels with thin walls or next to my resting Hubbie.”

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