VIDEO: Woman Chases Plane On Runway After Missing Flight

By Sharelle Burt


How far will you go to catch your plane? A woman in Indonesia went to extreme measures to catch her flight after she was running late.


Citilink Flight QG193 was getting ready for takeoff at Ngurah Rai International Airport when officials saw the woman running onto a tarmac, chasing the plane. She reportedly failed to get to her gate on time despite checking in for her flight to Soekarno–Hatta International Airport 20 minutes early. Airline officials made three calls in attempts to notify her but had no luck.


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A statement by the airline said she made it to the gate as the plane was pulling away. Like any other passenger, she panicked. “The passenger was booked on the Citilink flight QG193 bound for Jakarta,” the statement said. “She had checked in at 6.27am and had been told that the boarding time was 6.50am.”


While most passengers would go to the desk in hopes of getting another flight, the woman, identified as Hara, was determined and did the unthinkable. Similar to Jim Carrey’s character in ‘Liar, Liar,’ she made a run for it in hopes that the plane would stop and let her onboard. She made it to the tarmac but was quickly tackled by airport security personnel. Not giving up, she tried to fight the employees off and run toward the plane, but she eventually fell and was detained. She was later brought back to the terminal where she calmed down and placed on another flight to Jakarta.


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The video of the woman got many laughs after going viral on social media. She was compared to a similar incident that happened earlier this year. A man in Dublin was filmed shouting “wait” as he chased his plane on the tarmac. He and a female passenger were late for a flight at 6:50 am to  Amsterdam and arrived at the gate after it closed. He was later arrested after dashing through a security door and sprinting towards the plane while on the runway.

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