Two Travelers, One Suitcase

By Shameka McDowell


So, we have two packing philosophies in my household. Mine leans more towards Murphy’s Law, “what can go wrong will go wrong.” So, I like to be prepared for the unexpected. Better safe than sorry. His packing philosophy is definitely pragmatic minimalism. Enough said.

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Somehow, we manage to make packing work regardless of the length of the trip. Here’s how we manage to skip carrying heavy, oversized baggage and paying potential fees.

  • Pack only the outfits needed for each traveling day. Sounds simple, but this is where my better-safe-than-sorry mantra kicks into play. I can’t resist sneaking in at least one extra outfit, but he keeps me in line for the most part.
  • Pack more undies and socks than necessary. Be careful with the push-up bras though as they tend to take up more space. Stick these items in shoes and in the corners of your luggage. Fragrances, too. I adore this space-saving trick.
  • Pack clothing with similar color schemes. We like to choose neutral colors for the most part unless we’re headed to the Caribbean. This also makes selecting shoes a bit easier, especially for us ladies.
  • Pack only essential toiletries, such as a toothbrush and deodorant. Depending on the location (e.g., international versus domestic), I buy things like body oils when we arrive at our destination.
  • Pack all electronic devices in your purse or backpack. Camera, phones, tablets, etc. If a device and its accessories doesn’t fit, leave it behind, which typically isn’t an issue.

This list is short and sweet, but gets the job done. What are your packing tips?

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Shameka McDowell

Who is weirdly addicted to seeing airport attendants stamping on her passport? This woman. Shameka has been blessed to see the world starting at an early age thanks to being a "military brat," and the travel bug continues to sink its teeth in at least once a year. When she isn't helping others communicate their brand, Shameka's on the road or in a plane-- ready to experience another adventure with her husband and a good book in tow. Her favorite thing about traveling is learning about a culture through its architecture, food, and people. Next stop, Fiji, if the Lord says the same.

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