TripAdvisor No Longer Selling Tickets To Attractions That Breed Whales and Dolphins

By Danielle Dorsey


Big policy changes are coming to the travel site TripAdvisor. The company announced that it will no longer sell tickets to or make money from attractions that breed or import captive whales and dolphins.

In a statement on their website, TripAdvisor’s President of Experiences and Rentals Dermot Halpin said, “Our aim is not only to prevent future generations of whales and dolphins from being raised in captivity but also to encourage the industry to move towards alternative models, like seaside sanctuaries, that will better provide for the needs of the current captive population.”

The update secures TripAdvisor as an industry-leader on animal welfare policy and it’s likely that other travel booking sites will soon follow suit. The policy outlines specific activities and tours that TripAdvisor will not sell tickets to, including events where animals are “forced to perform demeaning tricks or other unnatural behaviors” or “where tourists come into physical contact with captive wild animals.”

Tiger petting and elephant riding are two experiences that are listed as barred under TripAdvisor’s updated policy. The site confirmed that large amusement parks like Seaworld will be affected by the policy change. 

While TripAdvisor will no longer be selling tickets to such activities, they are still up for viewing on the TripAdvisor site, which offers user reviews and photos to keep travelers informed. 

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Danielle Dorsey

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