Treat Yourself At This 5-Star Luxury Hotel In Monaco

By Travel Noire


We all love to save money, especially on travel. Sometimes though, the best thing you can do for yourself is to splurge and live your best lavish life! Whether it’s for yourself or for someone close to you, our new series, “Treat Yourself,” will give you everything you need for when you want to indulge in the finer things life has to offer.

In our first edition, we take you on a tour through Monaco. Known as the world’s ultimate playground for the rich, this 2 KM oasis will immediately overwhelm your senses upon your arrival. If I can explain the city in one phrase, it would be “Luxury in Full”.  As you enter the city, you are greeted by the roars of quarter-million-dollar cars, high-end designer clothing stores, and mega-yachts that are closer to cruise ships in size than personal boats. It’s the only place I’ve ever been where the luxury in itself is an attraction.

The enjoyment of your time in the city-state extends much further than the surface level of witnessing the extravagance of the ultra-rich. I was able to stay at the historic Hôtel de Paris in the heart of Monaco. The hotel was built in 1864 and is adjacent to the Monte-Carlo Casino, the world’s first and oldest casino. The hotel was recently renovated and boasts some of the plushest rooms and amenities in Europe. The hotel amenities included but were not limited to a rooftop pool overlooking the Mediterranean, cryotherapy machines, 5-star spa service, and a team of dedicated staff who will do anything to make your vacation the best one you have ever had. You’ll have to shell out a pretty penny to stay here but you’ll totally get what you’re paying for.

 Dining in Monaco is no joke either. Inside the Hôtel de Paris, there’s a Michelin star restaurant called Le Grill. It sits high above the city with a view that is downright incomparable. I loved every single course we had but they are famous for their award-winning souffle. You can also check out Coya for a late-night dinner and some great drinks, as well as Le Vigie for a wonderful afternoon lunch at Monte-Carlo Beach. I recommend the lobster wrap! 

Monte Carlo literally has everything to offer for when you want to step it up and treat yourself. Look out for our upcoming editions of #TNTreatYourself

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