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By Travel Noire


No matter where you’re heading or how you choose to get there, music is one of the best travel companions you can have. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of songs that our curators like to jam to while jetsetting. The picks are as diverse as we are as people, and really represent how we approach our adventures. For all the trials, triumphs, and unpredictable moments that traveling brings, we hope that this playlist will be good company through it all!

1. Santigold: “Disperate Youth”
“…it is great for getting through long delays or being stuck on the runway…so much energy in this song.” -Jessica

2. Estelle ft. Kanye West: “American Boy”
“I love to travel to this song because no matter where I go I get love for being a young American (Read: Afro-American) man. I love to answer questions about my culture and why I am visiting their country.” -Cameron

3. Lenny Kravitz: “Fly Away”
“The lyrics…capture almost perfectly how I feel when preparing to travel for my leisure.” -Tammie

4. Quadron: “LFT”
“I listen to this song on repeat, it’s easy listening with a bit of groove just how I like it.” -Joke

5. The Pharcyde: “Runnin’”
“…In a way it’s the perfect song to for my mini and long escapes…” -Bianca

6. KING: “The Story”
“The entire song talks about going on a journey. Physically, mentally…it’s perfect.” -Afiya

7. Little Dragon: “Twice”
“I like to listen to tranquil music while I travel. The music makes a perfect backdrop for absorbing the new environment.” -Jelisa

8. Justin Timberlake: “Mirrors”
“…I like the idea Justin has behind it of honoring his grandparents…their love and their life experience together.” -Taiwanda

9. Tinariwen: “Matadjem Yinmizan”
“…this song makes me feel far away, even when I’m not.” -Nailah

10. Kid Cudi: “Pursuit of Happiness”
“Get hype and get living!” -Modupe




Kwabs: “Perfect Ruin”

“It reminds me of change. Travel always brings change.” -Ruky

Janelle Monae ft. Prince: “Give Em What They Love”

“This song is my current life anthem…the first few seconds of the song are so drum heavy with awesome electronic sounds it just sounds like the start of a trip.”- Teneasha

Kanye West: “Spaceship”

“This pre-Kardashian ‘Ye classic always reminds me of where I came from and how far I want to continue to go!” -LeToya

Neamen Lyles: “Let’s Chill”

“…(this is on) my list of transport songs—songs that help me remember a place.” -Chimene

Esperanza Spalding: “Ponta de Areia”

-“It’s just so smooth. No matter what my day has looked like, this brings me to my happy place.” -Njaimeh

Sara Tavares: “Bom Feeling”

“…(it is) perfect for strolling along cobbled stone streets or relaxing on the beach.” -Agnes

Stevie Wonder: “Another Star”

“The music has such great energy that it always gets me in a good mood.” -Katrice


That’s it for us, but how about you? Let us know what’s coming through your headphones during your travels!

curated by Njaimeh Njie, a Travel Noire Curator

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