Black Travelers Have Eyes Set On Visiting These African Countries

By Sharelle Burt


So many of us dream of going back to the place where our ancestors came from. For many African-Americans, that place is Africa. There was a time when it seemed like traveling there was off-limits but now, not so much. Our timelines are filled but travelers that have gone and seen the homeland that hosts the rich heritage that we all want to indulge in.

But in a land so big, one can’t pick just one country but if you had to, which one would it be? TN put travelers up to the challenge of answering that question.

We did get some jokesters, naming Wakanda as one of the countries.

We have to admit; it would be pretty cool to go and see Black Panther put in work. But in all seriousness, tourism in Africa has been on the rise, and we are excited about it. This year would be a great time to visit over any other year. 2019 is the “Year of Return,” acknowledging the first slave ship departure 400 years ago. Ghana hosts a huge event called Panafest.

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Tanzania was another popular country that travelers want to visit. Although the east African country has some very strict LGBTQ laws, there are plenty of things to do. Take a trip to the Serengeti National Park where tourists can visit all types of wildlife or prepare to hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.

South Africa and Morocco were also some popular destinations, and we can’t blame them for it. South Africa has been on many traveler’s radars for a while now. Besides their lavish beaches and AfroPunk hosted there, why wouldn’t someone want to go? Morocco is another story. Filled with exotic gardens and beautiful mosques, its a prime location for romance and to explore spirituality.

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Other countries popped up like Kenya and Namibia. Some travelers even shared with us that Africa will be checked off their “to go” list as soon as next week.

But one thing is for sure; travelers definitely can’t pick just one. It’s time to save your pennies so you can experience them all.

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