Traveler Story: There’s A Lot To Love About Iceland

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Iceland is one of the most frigid places on Earth, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the warmth of the locals. Traveler Christabel (@MaameAfibaBessa), shares how Iceland’s beautiful landscape and friendly people helped to make her trip one to remember.


Travel Noire: Of all the places in the world, why did you decide to go to Iceland?


Christabel: Nature. I was looking for something different after my last destination prior to that. So I began surfing the internet and then saw a video on YouTube. I think it was from Expedia. I was amazed at the landscapes and the Blue Lagoon was on my bucket list, so I figured why not.


Travel Noire: Where did you stay?


Christabel: I stayed at the Hotel Island. Quite frankly, I find that finding a great hotel in Reykjavik isn’t the easiest, but this was a good hotel with amazing service. Everyone was so helpful there and always ready to help with anything, even at late hours. I chose this hotel mainly based off reviews online and the location. It is very close to the city center, only less than 15 minutes walk away, very clean spacious rooms, with an amazing spa. I think the spa was what I loved about the hotel most and it is open late, so it felt good to know that after a very long day of touring the city, you get to come back and relax.


Travel Norie: What was the coolest thing you did?


Christabel: That is hard to answer because there were so many cool things, but if I had to choose, probably the Blue Lagoon. It is one thing to see videos and pictures of it, but being there in person and just seeing how magical it is and meeting so many people in the lagoon. It is pretty much like a big fun community center really. Super cool. Oh, and the skin care. If you are into natural skin care then definitely try their signature masks.



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Travel Noire: What was the coolest thing you saw?


Christabel: Definitely my Golden Circle tour. The Geysir. I had never seen anything like that. Such a natural phenomenon. It is a must see.


Travel Noire: What would you do differently about your trip?


Christabel: The only thing I must say, I would have done was probably visit during winter to see the Northern Lights. I visited in spring and it’s a bad time if you want to see it.


Travel Noire: What was the highlight of your trip?


Christabel: As a super fan of Game of Thrones, I must say, getting to visit one of the major Icelandic locations featured in the series was it for me.  The Thingvellir National Park. I learned a lot about the historic park thanks to my tour guide.



Travel Noire: As a black female traveler, did you feel safe and welcomed in Iceland? 


Christabel: Absolutely. From the very moment I got to Reykjavik, everyone I encountered was so sweet and friendly to me. They will engage in conversations with me, invite me out and made sure I was included and did not feel left out, even as I traveled there alone. I even made a couple of friends while I was out there.


Travel Noire: What surprised you the most about this destination?


Christabel: The cost of food. I am aware Iceland is one of the world’s most expensive destinations. I don’t know what I expected, but I certainly was not expecting the food to cost that much there. It is probably the most expensive thing. A decent meal cost 3x the price it will cost in London. I


Travel Noire: Would you go back? 


Christabel: Most definitely!

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