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Tips for Escaping the Resort

By Travel Noire


Every year for those sacred few days off from work, people from all corners of the globe board trains, planes and buses in order to get to paradise. They arrive at a beautiful resort where sun is almost certainly guaranteed, room service is just one call away and those blessed holiday reps are there to keep their precious cherubs busy while they lay out in the sun by their choice of swimming pools and private beaches. That in short, is my personal hell. A day or so into a resort holiday and I begin to itch and yearn for freedom. Seeing the same people day in and day out, staying just far enough from the locals that you could be back home where everyone knows your name (and speaks the same language) is not my idea of adventure. To temporarily alleviate your wanderlust, here are my tips for escaping the resort.


Ideal for thrill seekers and those who like to know they will be back by dinner, excursions are great for a quick get away from your get away. These can often be booked from the resort and generally will include travel to and from the activity, however the schedule is often very restricting so one may not get to experience as much as they would otherwise.

Have a one nighter

Before you leave your home country (it’s usually cheaper this way), book another hotel for one night. If the resort is situated in a rural area head for the city and vice versa. This is an ideal way to guarantee you see multiple facets of your destination and offers a change of scenery. It can be an expensive addition to the resort so look for couch surfing opportunities if you are brave enough. It can expand your ability to meet more people and spend less and see more. But always let your resort and someone you trust know, so you remain safe.

Look for locals

Regardless of whether or not you are in the swankiest of resorts, there are locals everywhere. Make friends and pump them for info. You never know where you may end up.

Act like a local

That bus stop or train station where all the workers go to once their shift is over is usually your ticket out of there and for cheaper than most other options. Make sure you research and find out service times, destinations and prices so you don’t get lost or stuck.

The Taxi

This is probably the most efficient and safest way to escape the resort. Find the concierge or receptionist and ask about the taxi services the resort recommends; for a about £10 and a tip, my sister and I had a 3 hour personal taxi service and tour guide in Cuba. As long as you can communicate effectively, the possibilities are endless. 

Get your shoes on

A bike or a hike. As long as you are ready for a little exercise a walk or hired bike is perfect for a quick trip to the local village and a great way to find solace and calm away from the resort. If you are worried about getting lost, stick to the beach. Once you are ready to get back to the busy resort beach, just turn 180 degrees to find your way back home.

Final tip

1) Always let someone know where you are and 2) common sense will take you far.

Have fun on your great escape.

This story was curated by Agnes.

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