These Destinations Are At The Top Of Black Travelers’ Must-Visit List

By Sharelle Burt


We all have our dream destinations for vacation. There’s that one spot where if we could take off work, leave the kids and possibly even take bae, we would jump at the opportunity.

In the old days, that spot might have been somewhere stateside like Las Vegas, New York City or Miami, but black travelers are expanding their horizons. TN took to Twitter: if you could travel to any place for a week, where would it be? We selected some of the top answers.


No shocker there. Many black travelers are looking to go back to where it all started. With no shade to the African countries that have tourists on the regular, like Nigeria, many travelers have their eyes set on spots that aren’t always highlighted.


Europe is still very popular among black travelers. There is so much history over there, so we can understand why the curious mind would want to take part in it. Most people are prone to visit France and the U.K., but TN’s followers have some other places in mind.

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Central America 

Other countries below Mexico have so much culture for travelers to explore. They may be overlooked by many, but these followers are ready to see what’s out there.

The Caribbean and Other Islands

Who wouldn’t want to lay up on the beach for a week and listen to the waves crashing? It might sound cliche, but the Caribbean is still very popular for tourists. So are other islands on the other side of the world. Clear, blue water and romantic looking huts … what could be better?

United States

International travel is the way to go, but there are so many cool things here in the U.S. that sometimes are overlooked. If you haven’t visited some of these cool stateside locations, maybe teaming up with these travelers would help.

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