The Whole World Is Experiencing Record-Breaking Temperatures Right Now

By Danielle Dorsey


Megan Thee Stallion wasn’t joking when she said it was going to be a hot girl summer. Hot air from Africa is being pushed up north, resulting in heat waves that are expected to occur every couple of weeks for the rest of the summer. These unusually high temperatures are giving us a glimpse of what could become the new normal if we don’t take significant strides to address climate change soon. 

Alaska has been experiencing above-average temperatures for over a month due to what meteorologists are calling a “heat dome,” an unusually intense area of high pressure that’s kept the heat stuck over the state. Temperatures in Anchorage rose to 90 degrees F on the 4th of July, breaking the city’s previous record of 85 degrees in 1969. The city decided to forgo fireworks to prevent the spread of wildfires. 

Excessive wildfires in the state are resulting in tons of carbon dioxide being emitted into our atmosphere, which will contribute to global warming. Wildfires are a common aspect of Alaska’s Arctic ecosystem, but two months of above-normal temperatures paired with a relentless heatwave have caused them to spread out of control. More than 650,000 acres have burned in 2019 alone, spreading to Siberia and throughout the Arctic Circle. 

A deadly heatwave has been hovering over Europe for most of June and July. France exceeded its previous record when temperatures rose to 114 degrees Fahrenheit on June 28. The last time the country experienced a heatwave of this magnitude was in 2003 and it left 15,000 people dead. Paris locals have been coping by swimming in the reservoir beneath the Eiffel Towel. One man in Germany was stopped by police for riding nude on his scooter, telling the cops that, “It’s too hot!” when they asked about his clothing.

In Northern India, temperatures hit 120 degrees Fahrenheit in early June, causing water reservoirs to evaporate. Water shortages throughout the country have left many dehydrated and local hospitals told NPR that heat-related deaths have increased. 

On Tuesday, the country began experiencing its heaviest rainfall in 15 years, with over 15 inches of rain. At least 30 people have died so far. Floods are expected to become more common as temperatures rise. One Weather Channel meteorologist told Gizmodo that heavy rainfall is intensifying around the world.  

In China, the capital city of Beijing saw it’s highest temperatures in 50 years in early June, topping out at 102 degrees Fahrenheit. July has brought little relief thus far and the China Meteorological Association predicts highs of 104 degrees in Northern China.

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