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The Top 13 European Cities to Visit this Summer

By Rachel George


Europe is on everyone’s travel bucket list. Visitors will love the café on the corner with the French doors, the city’s architecture, and the varied selection of fine cuisines and vibrant nightlife. Plunge into the city’s glorious artistic history through the continent, whether it’s just for the weekend or for an extended stay, any city is perfect for summer vacation. Amazing beaches, beautiful scenery.

Checkout out this list of European cities to visit this summer.

Santorini, Greece

Every time I see someone post a stunning photo of Santorini or the blue water there, I contemplate hopping on a plane that very moment. Enjoy dinners watching the sunset and Instagram-worthy photos while wearing a beautiful gown from Santorini Dress Rental.

London, UK

London is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in Europe. In London, you’ll find beautiful luxury hotels for affordable prices and historic sites to explore the city’s rich connection to Black culture.

Paris, France

I could find a dozen reasons to go to Paris, but the main one is to see the Eiffel Tower in person (although I’m definitely not excited about the 704 steps it takes to get to the top). Maybe I’ll just enjoy the ice skating rink on the first floor.

Rome, Italy

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. That means visiting the Colosseum, exploring the Sistine Chapel and other famous attractions, and enjoying lots and lots of Italian food. Rome is actually cheaper than Paris and a great destination for solo travelers.

Berlin, Germany

Between the food tour, the massive flea market, and their beautifully curated street art, Berlin is one of the must-see cities on my bucket list.

Lisbon, Portugal

For friendly travelers, this city is a hub for hostels and chic white-inspired Airbnbs, like this revamped Penthouse with a panoramic view from the terrace. It’s easy to meet people and make new friends on a solo trip if you’re feeling alone.

Madrid, Spain

$100 for a flight to Madrid? Count me in. However, I’m not too thrilled about the small plates of food because I love to eat. Madrid’s unique cuisine includes thick Spanish hot chocolate, Spanish omelet, and their famous stew.

Barcelona, Spain

Can I have a Cheetah Girls moment while strutting down La Rambla Boulevard, walking through Park Guell on a guided tour of Mosaic art by Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi? Though I absolutely doubt some fine man playing guitar will follow me around the city like Galleria, I can hope for now.

Venice, Italy

I’d pay the small entry fee to visit one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Save money and explore the city’s famous attractions like St. Mark’s Basilica or take a boat ride through the city’s canal for about $80 bucks.

Florence, Italy

Absorb the food, culture, music, and art in the birthplace of the Renaissance, where some of the best gelato shops are located. My Sugar used ingredients from the infamous San Lorenzo market with creative Asian-inspired flavors and dairy-free vegan options.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has three unique attractions: beer spas, unusual sculptures (like this one of naked babies crawling up a tower by Czech sculptor David Cerny), and the oldest operating, astronomical clock.

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Swiss Alps, Switzerland

The must-see cultural event in Europe takes place next month. Weeks of music, dance, parades, theatre, and wine with the Swiss Alps are your bomb backdrop, an Instagram worthy picture.

Dublin, Ireland

Since my trip to the Cruzcan distillery, I’ve appreciated tasting authentic alcohol in other countries, like the Guinness Storehouse. The best time to visit Dublin is the summer and fall before the weather gets cold in October.

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