Travelers Share The Best Thing About Visiting Thailand, Italy and India

By Shontel Horne


Every trip has memorable moments, but some of the moments will stay with you a lifetime. Some of our favorite travelers share what they loved the most about visiting destinations in Thailand, Italy and India.


Desiree On Thailand: The entire trip was filled with highlights but my favorites were the Elephant Sanctuary, Wat Rong Khun, the tuk-tuk rides and the Thai massage.



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Rahiem on RomeThe city of Rome is a museum in itself. Between the buildings and the street artist, there’s something stunning and beautiful to see everywhere you look. You have the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, all which are great landmarks and sights to see, but I would honestly say the coolest thing I saw was the beautiful Sistine Chapel. Words and photos can’t describe how beautiful and awe-inspiring the Sistine Chapel is. You can see it in a book or online, but none of that compares to being able to see it with your own eyes. You truly must see it to believe it. Although the Vatican Museum is very crowded, busy and a bit loud after you walk through what feels like 40 rooms, it’s worth it once you arrive at the Sistine Chapel.



Esha on India: The coolest thing I did was visit the Golden Temple. Three nights in Amritsar and I visited the site every day. The temple is mind-blowing. The temple is made of gold and it’s surrounded by water with beautiful kaleidoscopic colors everywhere, fragrant smells and traditional Punjab music playing all over the temple. Thousands of people strolling around the beautiful shining marble floors. There is a pilgrimage dining hall which offers free meals and even guesthouses for people who wish to stay the night. The moment I walked into the building, there was a big room where you drop off your shoes, and before you enter the entrance of the temple, you have to wash your feet. Right when I walked in, I felt goosebumps because at that moment I felt a sense of peace within me. It was such an amazing place to meditate and I found a nice spot on the top floor of the temple. The atmosphere was so peaceful.


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