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Travel Noire Shares How We Keep Busy While Stuck In The Airport

By Sharelle Burt


For travelers, there is nothing worse than being on time for your flight just to find out it was delayed. Now you’re stuck in the airport with nothing to do. Or so you think.


With airports being renovated around the world, some are now offering more to do than eating fast food and drink a cold beer while watching the game. At the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, travelers can take in some art while waiting for their flights while at San Francisco International Airport you can calm your anxiety and take pictures with their resident therapy pig, Lilou.


Those two activities might not be your style, so what do you do when you have nothing but time on your hands? Since we are avid wanderlusts here st TN, here’s a list of things we while waiting to board:


Read The Hate U Give


Get deep into the pages of this chilling novel by Angie Thomas, telling the tale of an unarmed black teen killed at the hands of police. The only witness to the crime is Starr Carter, who is forced to use her voice to get justice for her deceased friend. The critically acclaimed book was turned into a movie this year, starring Amandla Stenberg.


Hang Out With The Ladies of Black Girl Podcast


Podcasts have been booming this year, especially ones with melanin’ hosts. While 2 Dope Queens still reigns supreme, newcomers like Black Girl Podcast are set to take over the game. Hosted by Scottie Beam, Gia Peppers, Sapphira Martin, Rebecca “Bex” Francois, and Alysha Pamphile, the show gives you that college crew vibe while getting insight on today’s issues.


Catch Up On Some Work


What better way to write about travel than actually writing while traveling? TN Flight Deal and Travel Hacks Writer Mitti Hicks says being delayed gives her a chance to play catch up. “When I’m in an airport, I’m writing for TN, so I’m getting some work done.”


Watch Some YouTubers


Inside of people watching in the terminals, watch the videos of your favorite YouTubers. That’s what one of our editors chooses to do. “I’ll just connect to the wifi and watch stuff on youtube.” Simple enough.


Be Inspired With The Ministry


You may not make it to church on Sunday morning if you’re traveling but thanks to technology, you can be encouraged through your phone or tablet. TN staff writer Rachel George likes to tune into Mike Todd, pastor of Transformation Church.


Create A Playlist


Playlists give music lovers a new way to hear artists they may not be familiar with yet. Platforms like Spotify and iTunes has a pretty good spread of playlists catering to whatever you want. But if you’re not impressed with those, start by making your own and submitting it. You never know, you could be setting the mood for someone out there.


Find A New Recipe


When you get home from that long day of traveling, you’re definitely going to be hungry. Since you’ve been eating fast food for days, treat yourself with a home cooked meal by Chef La You. While sitting in the airport, step out of the box and find a recipe that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you some leftovers.

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