Incredible Summer Travel Destinations That Won’t Be Flooded With Tourists

By Leah Freeman-Haskin


Over-tourism has taken over some of the world’s most celebrated vacation destinations, leaving travelers who are looking for authentic experiences to rethink their plans. If you are seeking a quiet summer destination, consider these locations that are slightly off the beaten path.


This tiny island located in the Caribbean Ocean is often overlooked by tourists. But with its moderate climate and location outside of the hurricane belt, this low-profile island is the perfect, summer getaway for a quiet escape. Attractions include salt flats, ancient rock art, historic buildings, and exquisite beaches.

Bonaire | dbvirago | Getty Images

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This southern African country has more than 1,500 miles of coastline along the Indian Ocean. Its beaches are stunning, unspoiled, and relatively tourist-free during the summer months. You can spend your days offshore island hopping, snorkeling, or simply taking in the African sunshine along its many beaches.

Mozambique | John Seaton Callahan | Getty Images

Kefalonia, Greece

If Greece is on your travel list, check out Kefalonia. The Greek island is located in the Ionian Sea and a favorite for locals for its natural beauty, charming towns, and attractions. Summertime on the island is relatively low key. Aside from its world-famous beaches, a trip to Mt. Enos is a must. The highest mountain in the Ionian, Enos takes its name from the black pine trees that once covered it completely and grows nowhere else. It has been a national park since 1962, known for its wealth of wildflowers.

Kefalonia | Matteo Colombo | Getty Images

Faroe Islands

Thanks to social media, the Faroe Islands have grown in popularity in recent years, but they still remain relatively quiet compared to other summer destinations. The islands are tucked away between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean, resulting in breathtaking landscapes and otherworldly views. Expect crowd-free hiking trails and outdoor adventures on the 18 islands that make up this archipelago.

Faroe Islands | Haitong Yu | Getty Images

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Vis Island, Croatia

There are 47 inhabited islands in Croatia, each one with its own personality and varying levels of tourist crowds. Vis Island has maintained its charm and has resisted overdevelopment in recent years, resulting in old-world beauty and easy access to explore the town’s many bars, restaurants, and views along the bay.

Vis Islands | mbbirdy | Getty Images
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