Solo Travel Among Women Is Nowhere Near Slowing Down

By Parker Diakite


Solo travel has been on the rise but this is especially true for women. 

A new study conducted by HostelWorld, an online hostel booking platform, revealed that women are going on more extended international trips than men and they have no intentions of slowing that trend down.

Three-quarters (75%) of women across the world have gone on or are planning solo travel trips, compared to only two-thirds (67%) of men, according to the study.

Leaders at HostelWorld said that when looking at their data, bookings made by female solo travelers have increased by 88% over the past four years.

The top 5 destinations by women solo traveling in terms of increase of growth include:

  • Brazil
  • Iceland
  • Chile
  • Fiji
  • Norway

When analyzing why women are traveling more, travel analysts at REI attribute the increase to social media.

“It’s easy to think: Why not me, too?”  Shelby Huff, REI Adventures Trip Specialist, stated.

Another contributing factor: women are choosing to travel more instead of marriage and children.

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HostelWorld examined the data even further by asking women to share their reasonsfor solo travel.

Among the responses, shifting career paths, seeking self-care, leaving a relationship were some of the contributing factors.

Sarah Noire told HostelWorld she traveled alone to “turn down the noise.”

“I embarked on my first solo trip to Bali, so that I could truly experience the unknown alone, and take the opportunity to learn who I am outside of my comfort zone,” she stated. “When you’re in your place of comfort, you have so many distractions of work, friends and life is constantly happening that you never have a solid moment to reflect. I was very intentional that my solo trip was about switching on rather than switching off because I needed to catch up on myself without the external factors distracting me.”

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