Best Places to Stay In Seoul, South Korea

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The megacity offers a wide range of hotels and guest houses and other places to stay. The city, like many megacities, offers a wide range of contrasting neighborhoods that may quite confuse a visitor visiting for the first time.  I will give a description of the most conducive neighborhoods in Seoul and the available hotels in those neighborhoods to cater for you.


This is the place to be if you want to experience traditional Korean food and culture. Korea has had one of the most rapid modernization trend ever seen on this planet in the past 50 years. While this is a good thing that saw Korea move from a poor country to one of the richest countries in the world, it has also led to watering down of the Korean culture and traditions. In Seoul, the Insadong district perhaps has preserved the most Korean culture of all.

Here, you will meander through narrow traditional streets and buy antiques and souvenirs while eating the original traditional Korean food. The best hotels in Insadong include:-

  •    Insadong Hostel – on Insadong cultural street, you can get private rooms and dorms here
  •    Sunbee Hotel Insadong Seoul – a 3-star hotel with modern rooms
  •    Centermark Hotel Insadong Myeongdong – a more centrally located 4-star hotel
  •    Orakai Insadong Suites – offers luxury self-catering apartments


This is a shopping neighborhood for modern shoppers who want to experience the modern Asian shopping. It also has the city’s best modern food cafes, restaurants, and eateries. It is also close to the Seoul Station for those who love convenience. Hotels in this neighborhood include:-

  •    Aloft Seoul Myeongdong – a stylish 4-star hotel with a central location within the neighborhood.
  •    K-Guesthouse Seoul City – this is a budget hotel whose rooms shout value for money.
  •    Bodeum Guesthouse Seoul Tower – this one is a good blend of traditional Korean and modernity.
  •    The Westin Chosun Hotel Seoul – this is a high-end luxury hotel for those with deeper puppets.


Hongdae is a very hip neighborhood. This is an energetic neighborhood and very excellent if you are young and want to experience life. It has several trendy cafes and art galleries. Street performances and art displays are the order of the day. Hotels in this area include:-

  •    L7 Hongdae – a strategically located stylish 4-star hotel.
  •    Gateway Korea Guesthouse – a small guesthouse that is pocket-friendly.
  •    Hao Guesthouse – features private accommodations and shared dorms.
  •    RYSE, Autograph Collection Seoul – a high-end 5-star hotel for those with deep pockets.


Musician Psy ensured this becomes the most famous neighborhood not just in Seoul or Korea but the whole of Asia. This is the heartbeat of the city and indeed the most modern part of it with its glittering skyscrapers and expensive cafes. It is home to the Samsung Tower Palace – the tallest residential building in Seoul. It is home to the city’s crazy party scene. Gangnam offers hotels such as:-

  •    Big John’s Place Guesthouse – has shared facilities but you’ll still get value for your money.
  •    Ryu Guest House Gangnam – rooms offer private baths and nice city views.
  •    Park Hyatt Seoul – A luxury 5-star hotel with modern, stylish rooms.
  •    Dormy Inn Premium Seoul Garosugil – A clean, modern guesthouse strategically located close to the subway station.



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