This Norwegian Island Wants To Be The First Time-Free Zone In The World

By Kelsey Marie


Sommarøy, a Norwegian island, is on a quest to become the first time-free zone in the world.

This island experiences 69 days of unceasing daylight from May 18 until July 26.

From November until January, Sommarøy does not experience sunrise.

The island, populated with 300 people, argues that they don’t need the concept of time because they experience sun at midnight and the moon at midday.

Timekeeping was originally set according to the sun. As time progressed and railroads were built, there became a need for train schedules which depended on an organized time system — which developed into time zones and a 24-hour clock.

We now split our days by the clock, but Sommarøy sees no point in them any longer.

“There’s constant daylight, and we act accordingly. In the middle of the night, which city folk might call 2 a.m., you can spot children playing soccer, people painting their houses or mowing their lawns, and teens going for a swim,” Sommarøy local Kjell Ove Hveding said in a statement published on CNN.

Last week, locals took a petition to town hall where the town council members met with a Norwegian minister to consider how they could become a time-free zone.

If the time-free zone is announced, people will be able to have flexible-working hours and no open or clos times for stores and schools.

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