Seize The Day: Macau, China

By Nate Chambers


Whenever I tell someone I visited Macau its as if a great bolt of lightning hits them in the rear — their excitement level goes through the roof. I didn’t quite get it at first. Perhaps the portrayal in the media paints the impression of a “Rich Man’s paradise.” On the other hand, many people are not familiar with Macau and the ambiguity of the name itself sparks interest.

While in Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to see what all this “hype” was about. I hopped on the Turbo Star Ferry and decided to seize the day and explore Macau.

Day Trip to Macau

Depending on your interest, Macau can offer a lot. If your purpose is merely to gamble, party and emulate the life of a high roller, you can easily breeze through several days indulging in the posh Venetian, City of Dreams, or the Sands Macau. I opted for a more historical route to take in the Portuguese influence, sample some local Macanese cuisine, and visit several local sites. However, I did make a pit stop at the Venetian… might as well.

The duration of my stay was only a day, but I was able to get a great snapshot of the island. Below are my top 7 recommendations for a day trip to Macau:

Largo de Senado (Senate Square)

Largo de Senado is the heart of Macau. Here is where you will see the true Portuguese influence with distinctive and colorful colonial architecture. Stroll around and get lost in the cobblestoned alleyways and have a taste of Europe in Asia. Go early to avoid the crowds.

Senator Square in Macau


Senator Square in Macau

Ruins of St. Paul

The Ruins of St. Paul is one of Macau’s most iconic landmarks located at the end of Senate Square. Take some time to people watch from the stairs before climbing to the top and taking in the view. This is the perfect place to step back into history. After exploring the grounds, head over to Mount Fortress for more views of Macau. Beware, the climb to the top requires a lot of stamina.


Mount Fortress in Macau


Mount Fortress in Macau IMG_5769Mount Fortress in MacauIMG_5769

Mount Fortress in MacauFamous Portuguese Egg Tarts

These delicious egg tarts are plastered on every corner throughout the city center. For a nominal price, it’s hard not to over indulge with every sighting!

Famous Portugese Egg Tarts in Macau

Famous Portugese Egg Tarts in Macau

Name Your Price For Meat

There a dozens of vendors selling a variety of meat throughout Senate Square. Similar to a mall food court, you can easily have a full meal from all the free samples without spending a dime. Don’t be afraid – eat away!

Meat galore in the Historic Center of Macau

Lou Lim Lok Gardens

Lou Lim Lok Gardens is the perfect place to idle away for some personal reflection and relaxation. Escape the busyness of the streets and enjoy the lush green environment and amazing rock formations within one of Macau’s most popular gardens.

Lou Lim Lok Gardens in Macau

Lou Lim Lok Gardens in Macau

Lou Lim Lok Gardens in Macau


Lou Lim Lok Gardens in MacauLou Lim Lok Gardens in Macau

Macau Tower

Make your way up to the 10th tallest free standing tower in the world to take in the impressive 360 views of Macau.

View from Macau Tower

View from Macau Tower



The Venetian

I was absolutely stunned by the Venetian’s incredibly beautiful atmosphere. You can shop, gamble, wine & dine, and ride a gondola and pretend you’re in Venice.  The Venetian is worth a visit, even if you don’t gamble.

Venetian Hotel in Macau


Venetian Hotel in Macau

Do yourself a favor and seize the day to explore Macau. I promise you it won’t disappoint. Until next time, travel safe, travel well.

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