Must-Visit Attractions In Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Zanzibar, Tanzania is a cultural explosion set on a stage of pristine waters and sandy beaches. Between all the activities, don’t miss the sights you won’t ever see anywhere else. From marvels of nature to architectural achievements, see Tanzania’s best while you’re in Zanzibar.

Visit Stone Town

There is much to do in Stone Town, with endless vendors, coffee shops, art galleries, craftworks, and fabric stalls. But Stone Town itself is full of beautiful sights, and you should truly spend the time enjoying its many views. The narrow streets hide a patchwork of gorgeous visions from blends of architecture ranging from modern to ancient, and terraces and stone architecture all blended seamlessly. Grab a coffee at a local café and enjoy the view.

Stop at the House of Wonders

The largest and tallest building in all of Stone Town, the House of Wonders, an architectural wonder, is also conveniently facing the Forodhani Gardens. It is also sandwiched between the Old Fort and the Palace Museum. Built in 1883, not only is it a breathtaking display in and of itself, but it offers vast exhibits on Swahili and Zanzibari culture. The breadth of the exhibits is utterly exhaustive, which is impressive considering that afterward, you can also stop by the Palace Museum next door. Definitely a spot to visit, especially for those most interested in history and culture.

Enjoy the lush grandeur of the Forodhani Gardens on the seafront

Conveniently located right next to the House of Wonders, you can revel in the joyful ambiance of the Forodhani Gardens on the seafront. Not only are the gardens truly gorgeous, but there is a night market which features fresh seafood. Enjoy some of the best cuisines Zanzibar offers in a truly memorable setting. This is a perfect location to reset the eyes and palate after a busy day.

Enjoy the unparalleled views of Zanzibar on Nungwi and Kendwa beaches

Of course, when most people think Zanzibar, they think of the gorgeous beaches on which to not only relax, sip cocktails, and let the world pass, but also take in a view you won’t see anywhere else. For this, there are many options, but two stand out.

Stay at any of the premium resorts on Nungwi, where the land is known the world over for its golden sand beach, which truly glows like precious gold. While there is a range of activities on offer here, from sports like snorkeling and scuba diving to paragliding, and tours and massages, truly the view is why so much is here. At sunset, watching the dhows depart the boatyard, their majestic white sails billowing elegantly against a sinking jewel of the sun, you will form a lifelong memory.

Kendwa is a spot devoted to relaxation. As such, it is much quieter with fewer things to do (although notably, the Full Moon Party takes place here once a month). This is a perfect spot to soak up the scenery. The more isolated feeling creates a more open vista and a sense of peaceful solitude.

Can’t choose? Water taxis are available to ferry you directly between the two beaches.


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