Must-Visit Attractions In Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidad and Tobago is a country off the West Indies and just off the coast of Venezuela. It consists of two islands, the bigger being Trinidad and the smaller less developed Tobago. It shares maritime boundaries with Barbaros. It’s a high tourist country and colonized by multiple European empires including the British, Spanish and Dutch. It’s a fairly rich country with the third highest GDP per capita in the Americas after the US and Canada. Its economy is based on tourism, manufacturing, and petroleum.

Maracas Bay

Maracas Bay is about a 40-minute drive from Port of Spain, the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago. It is a popular beach in Trinidad. The drive itself is breathtaking with the scenic views of Trinidad’s rugged coastline perfecting the beauty.

Pigeon Point, Tobago

This point has some of the whitest sand you could find on a beach. It has small bars and restaurants and requires a fee for entry.

Port of Spain

The capital and largest city in the country, you definitely have to visit it if you visit this country. With its interesting colonial architecture blending with the new modern architecture, this bustling city is one active business center. Points of attraction include the Parliament Building, the magnificent seven, National Museum and Arts Gallery, Royal Botanical Gardens, etc.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Trinidad

Just south of Port of Spain is the Caroni Bird Sanctuary. Here you’ll see the scarlet ibis – Trinidad and Tobago’s national bird. You could take a boat cruise and have magnificent views of these flame-colored birds.

Asa Wright Nature Centre & Lodge, Trinidad

This is a bird sanctuary encompassing 1500 acres of dense forest. The sanctuary has birds such as the hummingbird, the woodpecker, pygmy owls, trogons, oilbirds, etc.

Little Tobago Island

Also known as the Bird of paradise Island, this little Island is located 3 km away from the village of Speyside off Tobago Island. It is 113 hectares in size and is an important bird sanctuary. More than 50 species of birds make the island their home, including Audubon’s Shearwater, Brown Boobies, Laughing Gulls, Red-billed Tropic-birds, and a variety of terns.

Mount St. Benedict Monastery, Trinidad

This century-old church is a striking landmark on the island of Trinidad. The monastery includes religious buildings, a farm, a guesthouse, and a rehabilitation center.

Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust, Trinidad

This is an interesting bird sanctuary located in the middle of an oil refinery.  It is on a 30-hectare piece of land and surrounded by lush foliage that is home to nesting birds.

Main Ridge Forest Reserve, Tobago

This is a very old conserved forest that is home to half of all the birds on this island.  It is also home to amphibians and reptiles and snakes.

Fort King George and the Tobago Museum, Tobago

It overlooks the Scarborough bay and provides awesome views of the town. It was built in 1780. The Tobago museum preserves antiques from the African culture and Amerindian culture.

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