Must-Visit Attractions In Rome, Italy

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There is no doubt that in between world-famous meals, you plan on seeing some of the most famous attractions the world has to offer in Rome. Rich in history, you can find the world’s best architecture and sites that date back to ancient times. Every place has a story and is truly breathtaking. With that in mind, while there will never be a complete list, here are the must-see attractions when you’re in Rome, Italy.

Set Sights On The Sistine Chapel In person

The Sistine Chapel, and specifically Michelangel’s famous frescos, are some of the most famous works of art in the world, and if you’ve never had the experience of seeing something replicated in countless books in person, it is truly magical. It forms a connection with history that can’t be described.

As you would expect, you will be taking a tour here, which is not only a feast for the eyes but also highly educational. The tour includes more than just the Sistine Chapel. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the other museums, which offer the spiral staircase and Raphael Rooms. Since this is one of the most popular attractions, it’s worth mentioning that you should reserve your tickets well in advance to be sure you get a spot.

Visit Saint Peter’s Basilica

Saint Peter’s Basilica, or Basilica di San Pietro, is in the center of Vatican City and open every day for free (except for Wednesday, when the pope makes an appearance). Here, you may take a trek to the very top of the dome. For a little money, you can also climb to the very summit, which is 551 steps up. There’s also a terrace, which involves steps and an elevator. Either way, while the Basilica itself is gorgeous, you’ll also take in a lovely panorama of the Roman landscape.

And if you’d like to see the pope himself, just because the Basilica is closed to visitors doesn’t mean you can’t attend the general audience, which is when the pope addresses Saint Peter’s Square. It’s free, but you will need a ticket.

The Pantheon awaits

The Pantheon needs no introduction: a former pagan temple in ancient times, it is now a church. The size of the Pantheon is absolutely shocking, given that it was erected in the year 120. What you may not have known is that Raphael and several Italian kings, Umberto I and Victor Emmanuel II, are also buried here.

The attraction is free and absolutely stunning. Additionally, the Piazza della Rotondua, where it is located, also hosts a cozy place for pizza, coffee, and gelato.

Visit the Colosseum

A notorious, ancient site of bloody fights between gladiators, the Colosseum was first erected in the year 80. Spanning a shocking 573 yards in circumference, and resting atop a marshland, it is a real wonder of engineering. While pictures show how grand its scale is, seeing it in person is something totally different. It must be seen to appreciate the enormity of this ancient structure

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