Must-Visit Attractions In Marrakesh, Morocco

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Marrakesh, Morocco was once an imperial city in Maghreb. Still a vibrant center for culture today, it is bustling with gorgeous vistas, beautiful architecture, and wonders of the natural and artistic world. It would take a lifetime to discover them all, but we’ve put together some of the must-see attractions that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Visit the Ouzoud Waterfalls

The gorgeous Ouzoud Waterfalls absolutely must be seen to be believed. A lush marriage of the desert landscape and blooming vegetation set against elegant streams of gushing water, the falls are accessible by many tours. While there are also boat rides and delicious nearby restaurants, you won’t want to take your eyes off the view itself. You might even see the beautiful wonder of animals such as the  Barbary apes!

Take in the beautiful Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are not unique to Morocco, but when planning a trip to Marrakesh, you should be aware that one of the best routes to these gorgeous vistas is accessible directly from the city. There are also countless tours that will take you directly from the city and through efficient but spectacular routes.

Not only can you soak in the beautiful landscape, which from the Atlas Mountains blends many different climates not visible elsewhere, but you can also see the spectacular city itself from afar.

Get a breathtaking view from a balloon flight

If the Atlas Mountains inspires you, consider going even higher directly above the city. Yes, you can get a balloon flight in many cities across the world, but it’s not so much the flight itself here, but the view. Marrakesh is an absolutely gorgeous city up close with its intricate architecture, mosaics, and plasterwork. Viewed from afar, it takes on a new beauty that can only be seen to be believed.

Take a balloon flight at sundown, when nature’s full spectrum of colors glow across the iridescent desert and glints off the city, turning Marrakesh into a veritable jewelry store case of prismatic wonder.

Likewise, the surrounding vista is a gorgeous display of natural beauty.

Check out the Saadian Tombs

Just outside of Marrakesh, the Saadian Tombs are easily accessible via the Rue Bab Agnaou, although you may opt to take one of the many tours leading to the tombs. These breathtaking tombs were not discovered until 1917, and has since been restored by archaeologists. Rich in 1500s history, the tombs are a massive burial ground for Sultan Ahmed el Mansour and hundreds of his descendants.

The history is truly fascinating, matched only by the elaborate beauty of the mausoleums and their domed ceilings, marble carvings, and so many more architectural marvels. Living gardens burst with fragrant spices.

This is a must-see attracting for history buffs, architectural fans, and lovers of gardens alike. Absolutely not to be missed.

Visit the old Medina

Most people will tell you there are plenty of things to do when visiting the old Medina, from purchasing endless vended goods to watching countless displays of talent from the locals. But the beautiful architecture should not be missed amongst the bustle! Consider a tour guide who can balance the market’s offerings with an appreciation for the historic architecture.

Take in the gorgeous arches, the masterful stonework, the colorful narrow roads. Yes, all of your senses will be assaulted, but don’t hesitate to take in the timeless beauty of this bustling and ancient place.

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