Sail Away To Alaska With The Royal Caribbean In 2020

By Rachel George


Looking for a reason to travel toward the blistering cold state of Alaska? Royal Caribbean is currently planning three cruise ships set to sail to Alaska in 2020.


The popular Ovation of the Seas ship will accompany Serenade of the Seas and Radiance of the Seas in seven 15-day trips to The Last Frontier, stopping in Hawaii and along the Panama Canal.


Travelers will be able to gaze upon the breathtaking, panoramic views of Alaska’s mountains through glass elevators and large windows. This will be the company’s first summer season hosting three trips to Alaska.


Between early May and mid-September are recommended the best times to travel to Alaska due to the weather. Although rain is pretty common year-round, Alaska’s snow-covered mountains and wildlife make for great scenery and pictures. May is also the driest month, along with low-travel fares, perfect for travelers on a budget, and smaller crowds.


The Serenade of the Seas will coast along the Panama Canal for a 15-day trip from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles. It will also stop by Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, and Cabo San Lucas, leaving on May 4th, 2020. Serenade previously sailed to Alaska in 2009.


Radiance travels between Vancouver and Seward, Alaska for 7 night trips, alternating southbound and northbound routes. The ship will also provide 10-night trips including Kailua, Kona and more, leaving May 5th.


Ovation offers a 12-night cruise across Hawaii, stopping by Kailua Kona, Maui, and the Kilauea Volcano on the way, leaving on May 7th, 2020.


Bookings for Royal Caribbean’s cruises to Alaska begin today, Nov. 8.

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