Recent Breakup Got You Down? Here Are 5 Transformative Trips To Consider

By Leah Freeman-Haskin


There is no quick fix for a broken heart. But here are 5 getaway suggestions to help get you out of a post-breakup rut.  Whether you are looking for a healthy dose of distraction or a healing getaway in the jungle, we have some options to get you ready for the next chapter.

Limon, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity, stunning beaches, and laid back vibe. If you are looking for a place where you can have the space and time you need to think and unwind, then this is it. From spiritual yoga retreats to world-renowned spas, Limon, located on the East coast of the country, will have everything you need to mend a broken heart.

Costa Rica | Lindsay Loucel | Unsplash

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Cusco, Peru

known for its archaeological remains and Spanish colonial architecture, Cusco, Peru is home to The Sacred Valley and Manchu Picchu. Hiking through both locations is a spiritual journey that leaves many people feeling transformed and reinvigorated. Take the trek as you shed any old feelings to make room for something new.

Peru | Gianella Castro | Unsplash

Rome, Italy

Italy is a county that celebrates life, love, and romance. It may not sound like the ideal post-breakup spot, but now is the time to get excited about finding love again – whether that’s with yourself or someone else. Book a solo trip or grab your best traveling partner to explore the historic streets and breathtaking structures of Rome. Treat yourself to a traditional five-course meal and overindulge in some of the world’s greatest wine.

Italy | Josh Hild | Unsplash

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New York City, New York

Some people need quiet, and some need distractions post-breakup. New York is a city that is alive with energy and opportunity. Book a solo trip to the Big Apple and indulge in the city’s iconic culture and vibrancy with an itinerary made just for you.  From shopping and dining out to Broadway shows and museums, if a distraction is what you are looking for, then this is the place.

New York | Colton Duke | Unsplash

Cape Town, South Africa

Any journey to the motherland can be a transformative and therapeutic experience. Cape Town, South Africa is a city that has everything from remarkable natural landmarks to a bustling nightlife scene. If you are looking for a destination that offers a little bit of everything, a few days in Cape Town will certainly leave you satisfied.  

South Africa | John O’Nolan | Unsplash
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