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A Platform of Cultivated Insights from a Global Community of Black Travelers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (September 17, 2013). Travel Noire is a blogging platform featuring cultivated insights from a global community of black travelers. Founded by a Glamour Magazine award-winning entrepreneur, Travel Noire is a necessity in every traveler’s toolkit. Carefully selecting curators from the African diaspora who reside all over the globe, Travel Noire empowers each curator to share their love of global culture and exploration.

“I wanted to create something for the quintessential mover-and-shaker, someone who desired to get out and explore the world beyond all conventionalities. I wanted them in Nepal. In Bora Bora. In Finland. In Senegal. In Turkey. In Alaska. In Bolivia. In the coolest areas of the countries where they lived,” founder Zim Ugochukwu shared.

Travel Noire was born out of frequent encounters with people of color who were often skeptical about the reality of traveling abroad. By creating a beautifully simple platform full of robust and captivating imagery, Zim believes that Travel Noire can shatter assumptions, connect curious minds and transport readers to new experiences.

Travel Noire’s curators have collectively traveled to every region of the world, lived outside of their home countries, and travel internationally at least once a year. They reside in major cities, sprawling metropolises, countrysides, on boats & in mountains and everywhere in between. They span from The Americas to the dunes of the Middle East, from Europe to Oceania and from the tip of Africa to the paddy fields of Asia.

“I started Travel Noire because it was necessary. I wanted people to live and explore unconventionally and further more, I believe that when beautiful design and great content meet, magic happens.”

Syreeta Gates, Marketing

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