Meet the Owners of ‘Rolled 4 Ever,’ Nashville’s First Rolled Ice Cream Truck

By Rachel George


During spring break, most college students are staying up late and enjoying the freedom of not having any work to do. However, lifelong friends, Bariangela Segovia and Maliyah, were in New York trying rolled ice cream. A fun, new experience they brought back to their hometown in Tennessee.

Originating in Thailand, this frozen treat is made to order and prepared in less than six minutes. A creamy liquid base is poured onto a below-freezing metal plate. Each flavor is blended and mixed using two metal spatulas and spread across the pan as it freezes on the surface just before being rolled. The handcrafted Thai-inspired ice cream rolls are placed in a cup, served with whipped cream, and a variety of flavorful toppings.

In March, best friends Bariangela Segovia and Maliyah quit their full-time jobs to become entrepreneurs in the food truck industry. Established in 2018, Rolled 4 Ever is Nashville’s first rolled ice cream food truck, coasting through the city and nearby areas for the last year.

Their bond goes beyond business into a lifelong friendship as youth basketball teammates in LaVergne. Bariangela, who loves the Cake by the Pound flavor, graduated from Belmont University. Meanwhile, Maliayah, whose favorite flavor is Coco Fever, graduated from Middle Tennessee State University.

Rolled 4 Ever features other great flavors including Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream cups and other vanilla and chocolate-based flavors. Each month brings new flavors and catchy unCRUSHable names based on customer polls on social media or their own unique, creative style.

Photo Courtesy of Rolled 4 Ever Ice Cream

“We were in two different programs. Her degree is in business and mine is in biology. We had different aspirations outside of college. Rolled 4 Ever Ice Cream has grown to be our baby and We love it so much,” Maliyah shares. “It’s something that I want to see grow and flourish, so quitting my job or quitting something to go full time was nothing.”

The pair carefully spent time doing research on how to make rolled ice cream while developing their brand and company and building their food truck. They appreciate being able to lean on each other as female entrepreneurs who endure the same struggles. Quitting her full-time job was a big adjustment for Bariangela, who admittingly doesn’t identify as a risk taker.

“It was definitely an adjustment for me, but I don’t regret my decision to step out on faith and go full time at all,” she shares. “Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made so far.”

Stay up to date with the food truck locations via their Facebook or Instagram at @roll4evericecream

Photo Courtesy of Rolled 4 Ever Ice Cream
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