Must-Visit Attractions In The Amalfi Coast

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Amalfi coast is a small stretch of coastline on Italy’s West Coast just South of Naples. Amalfi coast is a popular tourist destination. The Amalfi Coast begins at Punta Campanella and continues along the south of the Sorrento peninsula to Vietri Sul Mare. The town of Amalfi sits halfway along the Amalfi Coast.

It’s a very beautiful coastline with beautiful weather to match too. The coastline is famous for colorful villages and terraced cliffs. The Amalfi coast consists of several towns one needs to find a place to base when you visit.


Sorrento is the Western tip of the Amalfi coast. It is popular with tourists during the summer. Sorrento is practically not within the Amalfi Coast stretch but just a few minutes away from Punta Campanella which is the actual starting point. The small village has some of the most stunning coastlines you can ever see.


This town is located close to Amalfi and has excellent medieval architecture, and an opportunity to people watch at the infamous Piazza Umberto. You could also chill at the black sand beaches.


This Amalfi coast village offers beautiful colored houses and good greenery that’s the perfect breather for you. It provides the perfect picture of the Amalfi Coast. The place is hilly so be prepared to climb some steep steps.


This is the de facto capital of the Amalfi Coast. The town was once an important trading center due to its strategic location. Now it’s a beautiful tourist town. You can relax lie in some sunshine by the famous Marina Grande beach or head to the tiny cove of Santa Croce if the Marina Grande beach is too busy for you.

*Itinerary not yet full? You could also check out the centuries-old Cathedral of Saint Andrea or Chiostro del Paradiso.

Fiordo di Furore

This is the only Fjord in Italy. Remember to carry your camera because it’ll be unfortunate for you to visit the Amalfi coast and leave without a photo of Fiordo di Furore you took yourself.


The Island of Capri is a few kilometers away from the coast of Amalfi. At Capri, you can see cascading bougainvillea, whitewashed houses, turquoise waters, and beautiful views wherever you look. It’s absolutely amazing here and so worth the trip.


This is Amalfi Coast’s rich man’s playground. There are stunning views of the terrace of Infinity and the charming gardens of Villa Cimbrone, and the fantastic atmosphere in Piazza del Vescovado.


This is a quiet laidback village on the Amalfi coast. It is historically known as a silk production hub. It’s a beautiful resort town known for its arts. At La Gavitella beach, you’ll also get even more breathtaking views of the coast.


This is a UNESCO site known for its pasta factories. It is a historical town with well conserved millennium-old buildings and as usual, narrows streets.


This is a beautiful historic town that is a quite popular site for movie shooting, so make sure to keep a photog handy to snap some memorable moments.

Vietri Sul Mare

The town is full of antiques and beautiful artifacts for sell you might as well think you’re walking through a museum when you visit.

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