Most Unique Cafes In Seoul South Korea

By DeAnna Taylor


Seoul, South Korea is home to some of the world’s most unique cafes and restaurants. As a former resident of South Korea, I had the opportunity to explore many of them.

Check out some of my favorites that are perfect for your next Instagram photoshoot.


This café should be the official backdrop for Seoul. It’s located at the Songpa Subway stop, exit 2 but you’ll need to catch a cab to the café since it’s a little hard to find once out of the exit. In order to gain access to the rooftop, you have to stop in the café located on the ground floor and purchase a drink. You may have a small wait so get there early if you can. It’s worth it.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

Style Nanda Pink Pool Café

If you love all things feminine, this will be your dream. The 4 story café and store features a different theme on each floor. The top floor is a small café that is set up like a vintage swimming pool. My favorite floor is the 2nd floor, which features a cute claw tube filled with pink and green flowers under a neon sign. You can find this in the heart of Myeongdong.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

Contoyner Café

This rooftop vintage toy café is located in Hongdae. It was even used for a video shoot by the popular K-Pop group TWICE. The pastel colors will have you taking photos for hours. Before you can use the rooftop you must purchase a beverage. Luckily, even the drinks are cute here.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

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Now this café is really tucked away and a bit hard to find, but once you do it’s worth it. Be sure to go during the day to ensure you get the best photo in front of the vending machine door. Once inside, take your pick from cute donuts or special made desserts in take away tin cans.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

Urban Source/ Urban Space

This place is more than just a café. It’s a restaurant, café, and…. ADULT BALL PIT! Yes, that’s a thing. Just like most of the cafes mentioned, you must purchase a drink prior to getting into the pit. But a little liquid courage makes it more fun. (Virgin options are available too.) Check their website or Facebook page because they have moved since I last visited.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

Line Friends Café

A café and retail store modeled after the popular Line Friends characters. The first thing that stands out when you arrive is the giant bear at the door. You can’t help but to stop and get a new photo in front of it. Each floor features different characters and retail items for those characters. Take your time because there are photo spots on each floor. The café is on the top floor and even has character themed food.

Photo courtesy of Deanna Taylor


Now I must admit, this one was super cool although pretty simple. At CaFace you are able to get your photo printed into the foam of your drink. Sounds cool right? Just wait until you see it. There are multiple locations around Seoul, the easiest being the one located in the building with the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

Poop Cafe

The name sounds gross, I know. While the concept in itself is a bit extreme, it’s actually pretty cute when you go see it in person. You can get special latte and drinks served in a toilet bowl mug. They also offer poop shaped pastries. The interior of the cafe also goes along with the theme.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor
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