Man Decided To Let It All Hang Out On Air India Flight, Stripped Naked In Air

By Sharelle Burt


Getting on a flight can be stressful. While some passengers order a drink or say a prayer to help, one stressed out passenger decided to let it all hang out, literally.

A man on an Air India flight decided to strip completely naked mid-flight. Authorities don’t know the real reason, but they believe it was related to stress. On the flight from Dubai to Lucknow, the male passenger exposed himself to the 150 passengers on board and then proceeded to pace up and down the aisle. “As soon as the aircraft crew saw him walking nude, they pounced on him and wrapped him in a blanket,” a witness said. “Initially, the man resisted but the staff managed to overpower him.” He was restrained for the remainder of the flight.

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When the plane landed in Lucknow, the amateur stripper was immediately handed over to security officials. An Air India representative said an investigation is underway to find out what happened. Apparently, according to some sources, the man got upset and stressed while he was in Dubai for work, claiming he was the only non-Pakistani in his office. The claim has yet to be verified.

Authorities were able to identify the nudist and question him. Afterward, he was embarrassingly released to his family. He later apologized to authorities for his actions. Actions speak louder than words so, in order to protect themselves, the airline put the man on the official watch list. Passengers on tons of other flights were feeling themselves and performed similar acts.

Back in March, a passenger on a flight to Bangladesh stripped naked, started watching porn and attempted to hug a crew member while walking to the bathroom. On an Alaskan Airlines flight, one traveler decided to give streaking a try and paraded the length of the aircraft. He was instantly tackled by some brave passengers and was handed over to authorities when they landed in Anchorage.

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