Luxe Adventure: How To Have A Personalized Experience

By Bianca Lambert


When you hear the words bespoke, personalized, or exclusive in the world of travel, if you’re an adventurer on a budget, you could feel like experiences using those buzzwords might be out of your price range. While some travel experiences might take a little extra planning and saving, the travel industry is making it possible for even budget travelers to have one of a kind experiences and we can thank technology for that.

A survey published at Adobe’s 2018 North American Summit confirmed that Millennial travelers in the 25 to 34-year-old demographic are setting the trend of travel since they become the leading travel demographic over the next ten years. With that information at hand, companies are working hard to speak to this group of travelers since they have set expectations of what the experiences they expect to receive when they board a plane, visit a new hotel, or book an excursion.

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One of the most prominent ways travelers are getting a more personalized trip is by saying goodbye to the idea of seeing and doing everything and opting for micro travel. Micro travel allows travelers to concentrate on getting to know specific parts of the city that peeks their interests — tour companies are taking note but adding literary, food, artistic, historical micro-tours to their offerings. Since booking these types of tours are usually pretty cost effective, you can have a personalized experience without disrupting your budget.

Now if you’re looking for a personalized travel experience that lends itself to a buzzword like “bespoke” without having to do any of the planning a  site like VIVID Travel might be your way to go. Their “travel designers “create itineraries designed around each of their client’s interests, needs, and preferences in destinations like Tanzania, Peru, Japan, Kenya, and Vietnam.

But, you don’t have to go out of the country to plan an unforgettable personalized getaway. LOCALIKE, will arrange a customized itinerary if you’re planning a trip to New York City based on your interests with the help of the travel profile you create on their website that can take about 20 minutes to fill out. Again, you get a personalized experience while saving yourself the time it takes to plan it.

The two options above make easy to book as a solo traveler or couple, but what about those planning a group trip? We know planning group travel can be tough even when you’re trying to keep the plans as basic as possible, so adding personalized touches can make even the most seasoned planner want to give up their title. Companies like Niquesa Travel not only take the guesswork out planning experiences for couples, families, and small groups but they pride themselves on giving their guests an elevated experience while making sure their clients feel a sense of emotional connection each step of the way.

Niquesa currently had 22 curated signature journeys designed by their in-house travel design team, ranging from a six-night stay in Rio where you’ll get the chance to ride atop a float during Carnival in front of millions to a five-night stay on a glacier in Island with a private bar and DJ.

While special travel arrangements will always be a part of creating a personalized travel experience traditional companies like Marriott, Hilton, and Delta are offering a personalized touch for travelers even before the check-in to their flight or hotel with new apps and email marketing strategies that their customers are engaging with at high rates.

With the launch of Marriott newly updated app their focus was personalization. Marriott guests can make reservation, check-in, and request late check-out all from their fingertips. If their guests have a special request for their upcoming stay, they can make those requests from the app too, from something as simple as extra pillows to a request as unique as helping them prepare for a special night for an anniversary or birthday.

Delta has adapted many of the same commitments to personalized service and has had some significant success because of it. In 2016 the company, sent hundreds of thoughts of personalized videos to the Medallion member, creating a click-through rate that was 500 percent above their expectations, as reported by Skift. In addition, the airline has started to arm its flight crew with a mobile seat-recognition tool that helps them connect with their corporate passengers giving their staff a way to have more personal interactions with their customers during flights.

Like the swanky buzzwords, we’re used to reading and hearing in the world of luxury travel, personalization is now alongside, and thanks to technology (and the millennial generation) everyone can buy in no matter their tax bracket.

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