Adorable Little Girl Says Princess Jasmine Doesn’t Need Aladdin To See The World

By Stephanie Ogbogu


This 4-year-old’s take on Princess Jasmine will have you rethinking just how romantic the movie Aladdin really was.

While you’re singing “A Whole New World” at the top of your lungs, Madison Jade believes that Jasmine shouldn’t have to wait for Aladdin to show her the world. In an adorable video that has since gone viral, Madison explains why Jasmine can travel without the help of a man.

“Jasmine needs to go see the world by herself because Aladdin needs to just stay there and Jasmine can just go by herself,” Madison explains. “You don’t need a boy to take you to see the whole world. There’s not enough space on the carpet.”

Madison is also tired of the age old stories of princes rescuing princesses.

“Mommy, the princess doesn’t need a prince to rescue her. She can rescue herself.”

Madison is absolutely right and the nearly 52,000 likes on Instagram prove that the public agrees.

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Stephanie Ogbogu

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