Here’s A List Of States Where You Can Have Fun With Marijuana Legally

By Sharelle Burt


Last night’s midterm elections were interesting. While there were some pretty extreme upsets, there were also some historic victories.


The discussion surrounding legalized marijuana has been tremendous over the past few months, and this year’s midterms set the tone for where the growing industry will go in the future. With so many states already legalizing the use of medical marijuana, the list of states permitting the use of recreational cannabis is expanding right before our eyes. Here’s a list of states that are basking in the legal use of medical and recreational marijuana:


Washington (WA)

Oregon (OR)

California (CA)

Nevada (NV)

Colorado (CO)

Maine (ME)

Vermont (VT)

Washington, D.C.

Massachusetts (MA)

Alaska (AK)

Michigan (MI)


Medical Use ONLY:


Oklahoma (OK)

Arizona (AZ)

New Mexico (NM)

Montana (MT)

North Dakota (ND)

Minnesota (MN)

Illinois (IL)

Arkansas (AR)

Louisiana (LA)

Ohio (OH)

West Virginia (WV)

Florida (FL)

Pennslyvania (PA)

Maryland (MD)

New Jersey (NJ)

Delaware (DE)

New York (NY)

Connecticut (CT)

Rhode Island (RI)

New Hampshire (NH)

Utah (UT)

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