Step Inside The Most Beautiful Offices In The World

By Leah Freeman-Haskin


The word is out. Beautifully and thoughtfully designed offices have an impact on the company’s overall vibe and culture.  These brands have put ample time (and money) into creating stunning spaces where anyone would want to work.

GIPHY, New York City, New York

Just as imagined, the GIPHY office in New York is as fun and animated as you would hope. The online platform known for its library of GIFs has set the bar high when it comes to innovative office spaces. “GIPHY Park” features workstations that are arranged around a central space that turns into a stage/runway for meetings, celebrity performances, or other presentations. “GIPHY Basement” is where employees head to relax with a full-service coffee bar, lounge, gaming room, and creative space.

Ashok Sinha | officelovin.com

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Ideas Lab, Shanghai, China

“Information Age” is the theme around Ideas Lab’s office. According to inc.com, the technology research lab took inspiration from factories and utilized parts such as reaction tanks and energy delivery pipes. The effect is an otherworldly, futuristic-looking space to inspire the minds of Shanghai’s favorite nerds and futurists.

Shao Feng | officelovin.com

L’Oreal, Paris, France

Located on the banks of the Seine, L’Oreal’s offices has a warm and welcoming atmosphere covered in baby blue and soft pink hues reminiscent of your favorite café. According to inc.com, “the new campus houses some 2,000 staff and contains several patio gardens and a terrace on the 8th floor overlooking Paris and La Defense, the city’s business district. There’s also a beauty parlor and digital detox rooms available for employees.”

Francis Amiand | officelovin.com

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Codigo Del Sur, Montevideo, Uruguay

The mobile app developer converted a 1920’s mansion into their new office space with an impactful result. The office is full of steampunk vibes, molding together luxury and sophistication with futuristic elements. Inside you’ll find fine leather Chesterfield sofas, a grand piano, and video art pieces emulating supercomputers from a post-apocalyptic future. 

Photo via CodigoDelSur

Hutch, Culver City, California

Hutch is an app that lets you virtually design your home. So, it makes sense that their office would be immaculately designed with all the modern elements meant to evoke creativity and comfort. You will find bold wallpaper prints, custom murals outside of the bathrooms, and each room pays homage to a different area in Los Angeles.

Dustin Walker | officelovin.com
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