If You Enjoy Solo Travel, You’ll Love Going On A ‘Mobilemoon’

By Kelsey Marie


Going on a “mobilemoon” has become the next big travel trend. If you haven’t heard this term yet, it’s basically taking a trip and instead of traveling with people, you travel with your phone.

The trend stems from Expedia survey results which were released last month.

According to Travel + Leisure, the results revealed: “given the ultimatum, 33 percent of American travelers would rather take their cellphone on a trip than a travel companion.”

Expedia coined the term “mobilemoon” and marketed it with their mobile app, highlighting the many features they offer for solo travelers.

The survey shows that about two-thirds of travelers “prefer the freedom of traveling alone and meeting new people over the desire to have a vacation companion.”

Most of the travelers surveyed are millennials and generation Z-ers who told Expedia that solo travel is meant to “meet new people and explore new places, disconnect from work and life, and improve independence and confidence.”

Travel is now being seen as a vessel for self-exploration and gaining and a new perspective on life. Solo travel is great because it forces you to leave your comfort zone and navigate your way through a new city.

Fortunately, with the accessibility of mobile technology, traveling the world is becoming less intimidating.

Partaking in a “mobilemoon” may be the new travel trend but it’s mainly a result of our generation being a part of a digitally-dependent society.

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Kelsey Marie

Kelsey-Marie is an NYC girl who currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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