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How To Make Authentic Jamaican Rum Punch At Home

By Jeffrey Smith, Jr.


Rum punch was originally made with only five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, lemon, water and tea or spices.  Today, what remains the same in every rum punch recipe is the most important ingredient: RUM.  Rum punch is an enjoyable cocktail at a party, during dinner, or a bottomless brunch if you are lucky enough to have a restaurant that offers it in your area.


Now, the best rum punch I have ever had was served to me while visiting St. Lucia in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean by a man in a paddle boat (so random, right).  Some of my favorite restaurants and/or bars that serve rum punch are: Brownstone Bistro (Los Angeles, CA), Angel of Harlem (New York, NY),  and The Rum Line (Miami Beach, FL).  


Rum Punch is so popular now that there is a day set for it in the National Food Calendar.  National Rum Punch Day is observed on September 20th of each year.


Of the many rum punches I have tasted and even tried making on my own, there is one particular recipe that never fails me.  Here is a recipe for a party-size serving of Jamaican Rum Punch:


What you need:

1 gallon Orange juice

46 fl oz Pineapple juice

32 fl oz Cranberry juice

59 fl oz Passion fruit juice

1 bottle Malibu Coconut Rum 750ml

1 bottle Bacardi Superior White Rum 750ml

Fresh lime juice

Orange slices

Pineapple slices

1 cup Grenadine syrup




Cut the fresh fruit into slices.  Combine all liquid ingredients into pitcher or dispenser of your choice and stir.  Add the fresh fruit for garnishment. Punch is served best over ice. Enjoy!


How do you make your rum punch and what is the perfect occasion to serve it at?

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