How To Get A Spot At Some Of The Most Exclusive Clubs In The World

By Leah Freeman-Haskin


There’s exclusive, and then there’s exclusive. We’re talking about year-long wait lists, celebrity and dignitary members, and annual fees in the thousands of dollars. Here are few of the most prestigious private clubs around the world, their perks, and how you can become a member.

Silencio, Paris, France

Silencio is a private club dedicated to creative communities, conceived by David Lynch. From Tuesday to Saturday, Silencio members have exclusive access to certain programs within the club including film and art screenings, thematic talks, performances, parties, and shows for kids. 

Access to this club includes a thorough registration and review process as well as membership dues ranging from around $1,000 – $2,000 per year.

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The Clubhouse, Buenos Aries, Argentina

The Clubhouse is an urban Members Club offering a lounge, terrace, two bars, pool and garden, and guest rooms. They host events including private dinners with international chefs, film screenings, rotating art exhibitions, and pool parties.

Only a few new members are accepted each month and everyone must go through an application and interview process before a decision is made. 

Photo via stage.clubhouseba.com

39 Monte Carlo, Monaco, France

THIRTY NINE is a private sports club where you will be inspired “not just to realize your fitness potential, but to discover a new way of living” with each area of the sports club designed to “help you improve and enjoy your life more”. With personal training, small group fitness, a lounge, and spa treatments, this club is geared for ultimate wellness and relaxation.

The annual membership is nearly $5,500 and entrance into this club comes through a current member referral or an approved application.

Kee Club, Hong Kong, China

This private members club has been around for 15 years and boasts the best of everything from fine dining and wine tastings, to fashion shows and entertainment, to a casual conversation, away from the crowds.

Membership into the Kee Club is mostly referral only and offers a trial access for new members.

Photo via keeclub.com

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Capital Club, Dubai

Capital Club is a prestigious private members club and one of the leading business and social clubs in the world. This powerful business network hosts dining experiences, accommodations, and private events.

You can submit an application to join, but the vetting process can take up to two months before a decision is made. The membership committee uses this time to review both your application and financial standing before making their decision. 

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