Get Flewed Out: 10 Companies That Pay Employees To Travel

By DeAnna Taylor


Trying to plan your travel schedule around your allotted days off can be one of the most stressful things. You have to perfectly plan things to ensure that you get the most out of your PTO.

But, what if your company not only gave unlimited vacation days but they also paid you to travel? You would feel like you’ve won the lottery. While this seems like something that only happens in dreams, there are several companies that actually do this.

If you are looking to make some new career moves, check out these 10 companies that will pay you to travel, according to Forbes.


Yes, your favorite app to use when you need affordable accommodations is also a really great employer. The app-based travel marketplace will give its employees $2,000 in coupons each year, just to stay at Airbnb properties.

Afar Media

This online travel and media brand really knows how to keep retention rates high. They offer all of their full-time employees unlimited, yes unlimited, vacay time. If that wasn’t enough they also throw in a $2,000 stipend to persuade them to actually see the world.


What’s better than a great view while working? Having your company relocate the entire office to a tropical island for an entire month. Yes, that is what happens when you work for Bonanza. During the month of February, they select a tropical destination for employees to work from while providing extra PTO days and a bonus.

Clyde Group

Based in the D.C. area, this PR firm has a mandatory 5-week sabbatical for employees. Five weeks of vacay? Yes, please! They provide a $5,000 stipend too with only one requirement, to make everyone else jealous of their trip.

Full Contact

We’ve heard of regular paid vacation. But, this company kicks it up with their paid vacation. Employees are given $7,500 each year to travel and disconnect for a little while.

Go Overseas

This online travel company was started by former expats who understand the importance of seeing the world. That is why employees get five extra days off a year to take a free trip on a volunteer, adventure or language-focused program run by one of its partners. They even get a $1,500 flight allowance.


If you’re in the marketing and advertising space, you’ll want to look into this company. As an employee, you will get a $2,000 travel stipend each year.

Tour Radar

This popular site offers travel experiences and excursions all around the world, so it’s no surprise employees are encouraged to take part. They will give up to $1,800 in travel credits to employees, as well as an international work exchange program. Oh, and they are currently hiring.

Travel Zoo

There seems to be a trend here with online travel planning companies. Travel Zoo is no different. You will get a $1,500 stipend and three extra days of PTO to book one of the company’s negotiated travel deals.


As the number one provider of time tracking tools for companies and small businesses, they also rank high in employee satisfaction. Each year you will a $1,500 travel credit under the condition that you completely disconnect while off.

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