Get Free Ganja At This Jamaican Hostel For Cleaning Up Beach Trash

By Stephanie Ogbogu


Protecting the planet has its perks.

Germaican Hostel, located in Port Antonio, Jamaica, is gifting good samaritans with a “pure ganja no tobacco added” joint if they pick up a bucket’s worth of trash at  Long Bay Beach.

Marian, the 33-year-old founder of the hostel, says that he came to up with the idea to give a gift of a spliff after being upset over the trash on the beach.

“I was just totally upset with all the garbage around us,” he said. “so the last months I did a lot of research about trash, especially about plastic trash. I often saw some pics where people offered free coffee for a bucket of trash. My girlfriend made a joke, she said, ‘In Jamaica, we should offer free spliffs.'”

So, instead of free coffee, Marian rolled 56 spliffs and placed a sign on the beach. 30 minutes later, the first beach cleaner arrived to pick up their bucket of trash.

“One of the funniest things about all that, the two buckets I bought were more expensive than all the joints,” he continued. “The buckets are at the bar next to my sign, so take up a bucket, walk the beach, fill it, bring it to the bar and get a spliff. These are presents. All the garbage which is collected will be taken by the local garbage collection; they take it to the landfills.”

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Stephanie Ogbogu

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