Fly Economy & Still Get Treated Like Royalty With These Airlines

By Kelsey Marie


If you think flying economy means a perk-free flight, I’m here to convince you otherwise. You can still fly economy without compromising comfort and enjoyment. There are airlines which offer you complimentary drinks, snacks, and even slippers, without you having to shell out the big bucks for a First Class seat.

Check out some of the amenities you can look forward to while flying economy.

Free Cocktails, Hot Towel Service, Gourmet Dining – Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines has recently upgraded their economy class service on international flights. There will now be complimentary coffee, tea, wine, water, chocolate treats, and hot towel service.

Passengers will also be able to order Bellini’s with sparkling wine and gourmet meals like grilled shrimp marinated in Harissa.

If you’re lucky (and they’re available), you can get a wing pin as a souvenir of your travels.

Slippers And Toothbrush – Korean Air

If you’re traveling to Europe, the Middle East or Oceania, Korean Air provides amenity kits which includes folding slippers and a toothbrush.

Snack Buffet And Champagne – AirFrance

Fly with AirFrance and you’ll receive a complimentary glass of champagne and digestive liquors such as Arvagnoc and cognac.

If you’re on a long flight, you’ll be able to enjoy their self-service buffet which includes sweet and savory light-bites, sandwiches and ice cream.

Polaroid Photo-Op – Emirates

Cherish the memories of your flight with Emirates by using their in-flight polaroid cameras. You’ll also have free WiFi, in-seat power outlets and phone call access.

Nannies – Etihad

If you’re flying with kids, Etihad provides flying nannies to assist parents during long flights. The nannies will entertain your kids by arts and crafts activities, allowing you to enjoy the flight kid-free.

Free Checked Bags And Impromptu Live Concerts – Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines may be the most entertaining of airlines by offering surprise concerts.

This airline is one of the few to still allow two checked bags for free and according to their CEO, this policy won’t be changing anytime soon.

Afternoon Tea Service – Virgin Atlantic

Enjoy afternoon tea when flying with Virgin Atlantic.

You’ll be able to choose from coffee or tea accompanied by tea sandwiches and handmade treats.

Barista Service, Nail Art And Facial Masks – Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines provides many cool perks including in-flight nail art, in-flight facial masks and barista services. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh coffee in style on this airline.

Kid-Friendly Toys and Lunchboxes – Qatar Airlines

Flying with your young ones has never been easier than with Qatar. This airline offers an activity pack which has crayons, stickers, puzzles, coloring books, and stuffed toys. Children’s meals also come with cute lunchboxes which feature popular characters.

Free Wine Transportation – Alaska Airlines

Wine lovers rejoice! Alaska Airlines offers its passengers complimentary wine transport. You’ll be able to take home a case of wine free of baggage fees when flying from 30 different cities on the west coast.

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