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Flight Deal: Panama City For As Low As $192 Round-Trip

By Parker Diakite


In between two oceans and two continents is Panama City, a place that offers tropical beaches, a great deal of history and a fusion of cultures that would make for an adventurous vacation.

Panama City is widely known for its more than 40-mile canal that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean.  The first thing to do on your visit is to take a trip down to the canal to be amazed at its engineering and relevance to the global economy.

After the canal, take a walk along Cinta Costera for great city and Pacific views. You can explore the beauty of the modern city before discovering the past in Old Town.

Panama Viejo, also known as Panama la Vieja, is the remaining part of the old Panama City and was named a World Heritage Site in 1997.

After spending time in old Panama City, trying Geisha coffee is a must! Although not local to Panama, Geisha beans from Panama are considered a prize possession. Make sure you try what some people consider the finest Geisha coffee in the world.

Last, but certainly not the least, there are tons of beaches to enjoy during your stay. Taboga Island is the closest to Panama City.  It’s also known as the “Island of Flowers.”

Here’s how to get to Panama City for as low as $192 round-trip:

From Miami

The cheapest flight to Panama City is from Miami for just $192 round-trip. Travel dates for this nonstop flight are from Jan. 26 through Feb.1, according to Google Flights.

Chicago to Panama City

A one-week stay in Panama City is available from Chicago for $279 round-trip. There is a catch, according to Google Flights. The price of this flight does not include overhead bin access and would have to be purchased separately on Spirit Airlines. This price option is for travel dates from Feb. 18 through Feb. 25.

From Detroit

Like the Chicago flights, a trip to Panama City runs for $279 round-trip from Feb. 11 through Feb. 19 on Spirit Airlines. Keep in mind that this flight does not include the price of overhead bin access.

 From San Diego

An eight-day vacation to Panama City can be purchased for $462 from San Diego. Travel dates for this flight are from Feb. 24 until Mar. 4.


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