Flight Deal: Dominican Republic For Under $300 Round-Trip

By Parker Diakite


It has been a cold start to 2019, and with no end in sight, there is no better time for a quick trip to escape the cold.

As the Dominican Republic’s second largest city and one of the island’s oldest, Santiago De Los Caballeros is a colorful and modern cosmopolitan destination that is the perfect get-away to combat your winter blues.

With milder temperatures compared to the summer, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the city’s outdoors.

As the cigar capital of the world, La Aurora Cigar Factory should be at the top of your to-do list. Here you will learn about the intricate process of making a cigar at this original cigar factory that opened in 1903.

The Eduardo Leon Cultural Center is an important museum in Santiago that displays the visual arts and history of Dominican and Caribbean Culture.

Even though Santiago De Los Caballeros sits in the mountains, there are plenty of beaches, rivers, and waterfalls.

El Limon Waterfall & Cayo Leventado tours are among some popular experiences for tourists.

Ready to take on some warmer temperatures? Here’s how to get to Santiago De Los Caballeros for under $300 round-trip:

From New York

Both United and Delta Airlines have non-stop flights leaving the New York Area on Feb. 7 through Feb. 15.  It’s all a matter of airport preference.

United has a flight leaving Newark for $289 round-trip and Delta leaves from JFK for $297 round-trip.

From Atlanta

With the same travel dates as New York, Spirit Airlines has two options from Atlanta.

Travelers can travel to Santiago de los Caballeros for $288 round-trip, but the flight at this price requires a more extended layover in Fort Lauderdale.

For $304 round-trip, Spirit has a shorter layover in Fort Lauderdale.


From Dallas

According to Google Flights, Spirit Airlines has a round-trip flight for $267 from Feb. 9 through Feb. 16. There’s a layover in Fort Lauderdale as well.

From Detroit

There are two options on Spirit Airlines from Detroit for travel dates Mar. 16 through Mar. 22.

For the first option, and the cheapest, a round-trip flight is priced at $292 with a 6-hour layover in Fort Lauderdale.

A shorter layover is priced at $303 round-trip.

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