Flight Attendant And Beverage Cart Slam Into Plane’s Ceiling During Severe Turbulence

By Stephanie Ogbogu


Anyone who has traveled by plane has experienced some level of turbulence in their lifetime. Most times it’s just a few harmless bumps in the sky that last less than a minute or two. Other times, extreme turbulence will have you praying to your God that you make it home safely. On Sunday, passengers aboard an ALK Airlines Boeing 737-300 aircraft traveling from Pristina, Kosovo to EuroAirport Basel in France experienced the latter.

The violent turbulence was captured on video by Mirjeta Basha, one of the 121 people on the flight. In the footage you see passengers flailing around, some smashing face first into the headrest in front of them.

A flight attendant is simultaneously tossed into the ceiling of the aircraft along with her beverage cart, sending hot water flying onto some of the passengers nearby. One frightened traveler is seen in the video praying for her life. Other passengers say that the turbulence was so severe that some seats were ripped from their anchoring.

According to Basha, she surely thought the plane was going to crash. Fortunately, that was not the case although 10 passengers, including Basha’s husband, had to seek medical attention once the plane landed 30 minutes later.

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Stephanie Ogbogu

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