3 Reasons Families Should Visit Greater Williamsburg, Virginia This Spring Break

By DeAnna Taylor


If you’ve done the whole Florida thing time in and time out, then we have a suggestion you may want to consider. If you’ve been looking for a new place to take your family during spring break, check out Greater Williamsburg, Virginia.

Here’s why:

1. Busch Gardens

Nothing says family vacation like a few days to explore a theme park. Busch Gardens at Williamsburg has the perfect mix of thrills, shows, and food. Each area is themed after parts of Europe, so it’s almost like you’ve traveled to the continent.

This year, the park will unveil a new coaster. Pantheon® will be the fastest multi-launch coaster in North America, featuring a total of four launches and 2 inversions. This coaster will be in the park’s Festa Italia village and will reach a top speed of 72.5 mph, a height of 178 feet and a drop of 95 degrees.

2. Great Wolf Lodge

As one of the best hotels around, your kids (and even some adults) will thank you for a stay here. Whether you spend hours in the indoor waterpark or the resort’s arcade, you will never want to leave.

If you don’t actually book your stay here, you can check with the hotel to see if they will have day passes available during the time of your visit. This way, you can still experience everything that the place has to offer.

Courtesy of Visit Williamsburg. Family at the Colonial Williamsburg art museum.

3. Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

If you want to slide in a little interactive education, look no further. While your kids will be against opening a book or anything that resembles learning, this is a great way for them to do so while actually having some fun.

New experiences and engaging exhibits await at all three!

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