Exploring Trinidad For The Art And History Enthusiast

By Kelsey Marie


It’s no secret that when visiting Trinidad, drinking rum, whining to Soca music, and hitting up the beaches is a must. Yeah, those things are fun, but this southernmost Caribbean island has a rich culture and there are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered and explored.

Trinidad doesn’t invest a lot of money and time into tourism, so finding these hidden gems can be quite difficult. But when found, it becomes a playground for those who love art, history, and culture.

Here’s how you can explore Trinidad as an art and history enthusiast:

Woodford Square

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Located in the capital city of Port-of-Spain, Woodford Square is filled with visually stunning buildings.

Here you can find the National Library, the Red House (Trinidad’s parliament building), the Trinity Cathedral, and the Hall of Justice.

National Museum And Art Gallery

Photographed by Kibwe Brathwaite

Also located in Port-of-Spain, this museum is where you can discover the art, history, and geology of Trinidad. There are seven major galleries in the museum which collectively contain about 10,000 items.

Just be mindful that this museum is closed on Mondays.

National Academy For Performing Arts (NAPA)

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This building in itself is a must-see! With its modern appeal, NAPA was built in an effort to boost the arts culture in Trinidad.

You can experience Trinidadian culture at NAPA through their musical and dance performances.

Cocoa Plantation Tour at Ortinola Estate

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Did you know that Trinidad was once a huge exporter of cocoa?

Located in Maracas Valley, Ortinola Estate has a rich legacy you can learn about through their guided tours.

After the tour, you will get to observe the process of how chocolate is made!

Military And Aerospace Museum

Courtesy of Roam TT

If you want to learn about the military of Trinidad and Tobago, this is the museum for you. Uniforms and artifacts from the past are displayed as well as information on how Trinidadians were involved in wars throughout history.

Go On A Panyard Tour

Courtesy of getyourguide

The steelpan is the only musical instrument to be invented in the 20th century and it was invented by Trinidadians.

Spending time at a panyard, where steel bands practice, will expose you to the true culture and essence of Trinidad.

Visit Pitch Lake

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The tar used at The Mall in front of Buckingham Palace was imported from the Pitch Lake in Trinidad. This lake has the largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world and is about 250 feet deep.

Visiting the museum at the pitch lake will provide insight into the history and interesting facts about the lake.

Visit these locations on your next trip to Trinidad and see what this island truly has to offer.

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