Everything You Need To Know About The Violent Massacre Happening In Sudan

By DeAnna Taylor


There is a deadly massacre currently happening in the African country of Sudan, but mainstream media isn’t talking about it.

In December of last year, demonstrations began in the country over a deep economic crisis. The demonstrations eventually led to a call for the President, Omar al-Bashir to resign after 30 years in office.

Initially, al-Bashir refused to step down. He declared a one-year state of emergency on February 22. Under this announcement protests, public gatherings and political activities were banned. It also gave the police and security forces more power to monitor individuals and to carry out inspections. 

The death toll among Sudanese people began to rise during this time.

In April of this year, he was finally forced out by the military for being accused of crimes against humanity.

Soon after his resignation, a military council took over and was led by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. Protests continued as the citizens now felt that al-Burhan and his team were still closely connected to al-Bashir. They continued to demand that the country’s military rulers immediately hand over power to a civilian-led government.

On Thursday, Madani Abbas Madani, leader of the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces (DFCF), said in a Facebook post, “There is no way to solve the complexity that cripples the country except by continuing the revolution until we eliminate the military council.”

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New York-based influencer, Shahd Khidir, took to Instagram to plead with her followers to spread awareness of what was happening in her home country. In an emotional post, she detailed learning that a close friend of hers had been murdered.

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It’s really hard being an influencer and sharing information that is “off brand” and not worthy of the “feed” but I cannot hold this in anymore. I am at my office crying because I have so many emotions in me and I feel horrible. There’s a massacre happening in my country Sudan’s and a media blackout and internet censorship for four consecutive days. There is no objective media sharing what’s going on expect for @aljazeeraenglish which had their offices shot down. My friend @mattar77 was MURDERED by the Rapid Support Forces. My best friend was in hiding on June 2 and that’s the last time I spoke to him. He was missing for 4 days and when I got in touch with him he said: “I was caught, beaten and abused and humiliated and arrested and had my phone confiscated from me. I am injured currently.” And all I could do this post this. I am sorry to all companies I am running campaigns with but my editorial calendar is currently on pause. I am willing to refund all and everything right away. Please, just send me an email. To my followers/supporters who this is too much for I am also sorry but my regularly scheduled content/reviews is also on pause. If this offends you, I am sorry. But I need to speak out and share this in a time like this. If you want to support me please share this information as widely as possible and don’t be silent. Be an ally because we need your help. And tune into my stories for more information. THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY HAS BEEN SILENT. #sudanuprising #sudanese_protest #مجزرة_القيادة_العامة #عيد_شهيد #اعتصام_رويال_كير #اعتصام_القيادة_العامه #السودان @wawa_waffles @sudanuprising.updates #sudanrevolts #sudanuprising #iamsudan #iamsudanrevolution #sudanese #freesudan

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Things took a turn for the worst last week when paramilitaries moved into Khartoum and started shooting pro-democracy protesters, burning tents and sexually assaulting women.

A young doctor who happened to be on the ground counted over 118 bodies with many of them being dragged into the Nile River. The government has only admitted to around 60.

This unrest will only continue to get worse until the citizens are able to take control from the military forces or hopefully until help can be sent.

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